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Athena Inc., the blackest of black ops, has come up with the perfect operative. She can't be caught. And even if she could be, there is no way to link her to any action because she doesn't even know she's an agent. Heck, she doesn't even look like their agent. She was hailed as a success...that was until...the genetic trigger that enables her to switch personas began to break down. Now she can switch forms more or less on her own. And is now she's a threat to the security of Athena Inc. and must be dealt with. But who will deal with whom first? "The Belly of the Beast"?Welcome to Athena Inc. the place where they wanted Gwen dead or alive. Gwen has finally arrived and is now in the warm, fatherly embrace of Morgan Castle. She is told that Morgan only wants to help her...that here they can remove the troublesome Mary from her consciousness... forever... and give her back her peace of mind. Right! Like I believe that one for a second! But you'll never know for sure unless you pick up this copy of ATHENA INC.







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