cavemold's Astro City #1 - Through Open Doors, Part One review

The Doors.

The good: Kurt Busiek's beloved astro city is back in action! We meet new charcters and visit classic characters as well. We see Samaritan , the confessor and many more! YOU are apart of the comic, which is really cool id say. Brent art hasn't lost its touch over the years either. This issue is completely new reader friendly and will want to seek out past Astro city's trades.

The bad:Nothing bad here, everyone was well developed. The art was great and Alex Ross Covers are always pretty to look at.

Verdict: I highly recommend any comic book fan to try this out. If you want try a pure superhero comic this is the way to go!


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    It's time to visit Astro City. Please drive carefully. 0

    The GoodAstro City does what all relaunches should do. It is written in a way that both newcomers and fans can pick it up and enjoy without having to buy or reread previous issues. Furthermore it is a charming comic that is different than the usual superhero fair and deserves your attention. NOW.The plot is great in that it's told in such an unusual manner. The whole tale is told by a character who may of may not be earth's greatest hero, or villian (or maybe he's just insane) who seems to be al...

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    At last it's back! 0

    I've been waiting for this book for what seems like forever. I remember when Astro City first appeared on the racks years ago. It changed how I perceived Super Heroes and comics both. Busiek set the bar so high with the original series nothing else has compared since. When I picked up this issue today and sat down to read it, not once but three times, it felt like an old friend had finally come back to visit. The Good (Really Great): The story is engaging and fun without moving to fast or ...

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