astral plane and the mind gem

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Until the Illuminati I thought the astral plane was the collective unconscious. Now that its been established that is what the mind gem is can someone explain the difference between the two. Or the relationship between the two.

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The astral plane is an area outside of normal space that can be accessed through telepathy to communicate vast distances, communicate with other telepaths over great distances or even battle other telepathic beings (usually between two of great power).

The mind gem is one of seven Infinity Gems. With knowledge of it's use, it can grant the user great mental powers above and beyond normal telepaths natural abilities, up to an infinite level depending on user knowledge and understanding.

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Astral plane: basically another dimension which telepaths may draw power from, where normal people just kinda go through but don't know about.
Mind Gem: grants control over everything telepathy, including the astral plane. 

And the award for brief, crappy explanation goes to....

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Astral Plane is basically an intradimensional conduit that links to every sentient being that has a conscious. 
Mind Gem is a artifact that grants infinite access to channel these minds as a collective through the Astral Plane, however, it does not grant the user comprehension.

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