Review: X-Men: Xenogenesis #1

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After a puzzling rash of "mutant births" in Mbangawi, the X-Men go to investigate. But they're in store for a thick net of political intrigue.

The Good

There are some good quips here, particularly the line about the "20-year-old condom" and all the jokes about Cyclops' general dweebiness.  Andrews brings great storytelling and an unusual style that really gives the X-Men a fresh look (and that's combined with D'Amarta's colors). You also have to tip your hat to Ellis, too,  for really doing the research about modern Africa, rather than setting this in the "country of Africa" that so much Western fiction tends to.

The Bad

I'm all for different interpretations, but Andrews seems to use an almost completely different rendering style for Emma Frost that really didn't jibe with the rest of the characters. Her grotesquely exaggerated "dangerous curves" looked like something out Lil' Anny Fanny that had just been dropped into this comic. There was something askew in the writing of some of the characters, too. Storm, for one, came off as a lot more catty and worldly than the "goddess" she's supposed to be, and Wolverine - - even though Storm remarks that he's wiser than most people think - - seemed a little out of character when he started filling in the socio-political exposition regarding Africa. Somehow, I don't see Logan reading the New York Times everyday. 
Also, I'd feel kind of giped by the bonus material of the script if I were buying. It really doesn't add anything interesting to my impression of the issue. I would've preferred a longer feature story or maybe even a back-up instead.

The Verdict - 3/5

I was initially intrigued to see how the "mutant births" enigma would play out, but my interest dipped by the end. I'm really not that intrigued to see how this plays out, even though this was competently done. And again - - what's up with Emma Frost? She's like a political cartoon. Considering how pricey this, I don't think if it's really worth adding to your pull list.
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My comic store wasnt even selling this. Can anyone tell me if this is part of the 616 continuity? It doesnt look like it.

#2 Posted by jlat89 (421 posts) - - Show Bio

3 is a little generous, in my opinion the only thing that was half decent was the story.  The art was pretty bad.  I completely forgot about the price too.  It's out of continuity as well

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Judging just by the cover... yeah Emma looks weird.

#4 Posted by jlat89 (421 posts) - - Show Bio
if it is then it's back-tracking because this is when the X-Men are just settling into their San Francisco Base
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i think ill continue with this though.

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Thank You for mentioning Emma's look... when the preview for this came out everybody seemed to ignore the awful look Emma had....
Don't get me wrong the art is wonderful but Emma's curves are too dangerous for my taste...
I haven't read this... but after this I probably won't

#7 Posted by jlat89 (421 posts) - - Show Bio
The preview looks good compared to the rest of the issue
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I love Ellis' writing, but that horrid artwork is off-putting enough to remove Astonishing from my pull-list.
It's atrocious.

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I hated this. Bad art, bad characterization, ugly ugly people, terrible stereotypes. Ugh.

#10 Posted by mattydeNero (535 posts) - - Show Bio
@PrinceIMC said:
"I hated this. Bad art, bad characterization, ugly ugly people, terrible stereotypes. Ugh."

No. Doubt.  For one, the cover is terrible.  Emma's can look slike she's smuggling a couple of Big Macs.  And I would LOOOOOOVE an "Unscripted" on this to see the thoughts of G-Man ,or Babs, or anyone else.  Someone explain to me the panel where Emma is leaning over the seat of the Blackbird talking to a BOOORING Wolverine.  Jason Aaron gets Wolvie.  Warren Ellis' Astonishing Wolverine is, I don't know, "Emo"?  I bought this for Ellis' genius and I may not continue because this, and his run on Joss Whedon's Astonishing X-Men have not started well.  And I hate saying that because Warren Ellis is, well, Warren Ellis.
Their "G.I. Joe gear"--quoted by Wolverine--looks like the Bad News Bears in Japan.  Beast is a giant.  But the worst was the weird interactions between Storm and Cyclops.  Scott says something to her revolving around their mission to Africa and I thought, "Scott Summer would NEVER say that to Storm.  Ever."    
And Armor, why?
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I thumbed through this in the comic store and quickly put it back. The art is ridiculous juvenile male fantasies. I have come to live with and accept the exaggerated female images in my 20+ years collecting comics, but this was just too much. There is a frame of White Queen's breasts perched on the back of an airplane chair and another of just her breasts protruding into the frame of another character's dialog close up. Not to mention the horrible half shirt Storm is wearing that exposes the lower parts of her breasts like some horrible Maxim cover. Is this not a strong female character that has lead the X-men and been the Queen of Wakanda?   
Seriously, I am not one to normally get offended or play the PC card, but Marvel should really be ashamed of themselves for putting this out. If not for any sort of noble reason about the messages it sends out, but if for nothing else the way it degrades the characters involved. 

#12 Posted by Grim (2187 posts) - - Show Bio

the writing wasnt too bad... but theres a real reason why you dont let abstract-y artist draw well known characters in serious stories.... and this is it. 
 bring em back for a Halloween special, or some spooky character. But you cant have the X-men looking like this. no.

#13 Posted by goldenkey (3033 posts) - - Show Bio

Wow they give Emma a big ass on the cover.
#14 Posted by 00 Raiser (447 posts) - - Show Bio

I will be getting it just cause I like the front cover. Whether its a decent read I have yet to see.

#15 Posted by VickyVons (240 posts) - - Show Bio

i don't like emma frost in this, she looks like a hooker, and what's with her boobs in every shot of her. the story is not bad, but the characters are really bothersome

#16 Posted by daveydavey (369 posts) - - Show Bio

I just read it and I didnt really like it. The art was not my taste and the story was just bad. Beast rules out that the babies are mutants because thier abilitys dont manifest until thier teenage years. What about Madrox? when he was slapped on the butt as a newborn he duplicated, hes a mutant right?

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First of all I want to start out by saying this is the BEST STORM IN AGES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Storm came off more worldly than she should be? LMMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She's married to, quite possibly, the richest man in the world, and she wouldn't be accustomed to the finer things in life? LMMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This review gets so many thumbs down, its not even funny. I personally loved the art. And the read is fantastic. People bitchin about the art LMMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The art is definitely a bonus to the characterizations and the interactions that the"X-men" have been lacking for quite some time. Any true X-men fan would enjoy this comic.
Zack Freeman, gets plenty of thumbs down.

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I see people posting about Emma Frost, but I certainly didn't see her anywhere in this issue. Sure there was a girl that wore all white, with long blonde hair and gigantic breast, but that wasn't Emma Frost as she read more like Spencer Pratt from the Hills. 
I for one loved the art. Storm's jawline and cheekbones were killer, which is to be expected as she is a former model (like a zillion of her other teammates). A problem I had with Storm though would be how she's dressed from head to toe, equipped with a hat as well, but chooses to walk barefoot into battle. Yeaaaaaahhhh.
To break down each character would be time consuming and this first issue wasn't near good enough to warrant me doing so.  2/5

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Everyone keeps complaining about the over exaggerated,  "dangerous curves", I have to say to the people who say that Marvel should be ashamed, they did warn you a little.  I mean sure no one ever really looks but there is a rating and the rating for this comic is T+. 
I do agree that the artwork is terrible and I too am complaining about the "dangerous curves" I am just saying that we were warned not only by the cover but by the rating. 
One thing I did like was the dialogue.  It was interesting, informative, and pertinent to the issue at hand.

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