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Something is causing the children of an African village to be born mutated. Something in the woodland outside the village. Something they don't talk about. But now, whatever it is, it's being hunted, and the X-Men are trapped between the hunters and the hunted.

This issue begins after the Furies appear. Jim Jaspers has been shot. Storm is flying Jim Jaspers back to the town to get some medical assistance. She asks Beast and Wolverine to deal with the Furies, diplomatically if possible, but nonetheless contain them to the forest. Wolverine asks Beast if he should try diplomacy and he replies he has never seen Logan "stab anyone diplomatically before." However, Henry adds that he is tired of having guns pointed at him. The furies start to scan Logan and Henry and declare them as an "infestation". The furies then begin to shoot Beast and Wolverine. They fight back Logan and Henry each kill a couple and then Wolverine is stabbed badly straight through his chest. When Beast attempts to help Logan he is shot down and is out of the fight. Logan is about to get up when the fury who stabbed him attempts to decapitate him. When that does not work it shoots several huge holes into him. Suddenly, Storm, Cyclops, Armor, Doctor Crocodile and his army, join the fray. Doctor Crocodile and Cyke each kill several furies.

The scene changes to Emma taking care of James Jaspers. She asks him to relax and let her probe his mind. Jim says the furies have come for him and that they will kill everyone.

The scene switches back to the battle. Cyclops orders Doctor Crocodile to keep his men back a while and Storm to attack the big fury with the arm regeneration with a one strike human lethal attack to see what they are up against.

The scene returns for a panel to Emma and Jim. Jim is still freaking out.

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