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Finally... the series is getting interesting!

This is the first issue dealing with the fallout from the X-Termination crossover between Age of Apocalypse, X-Treme X-Men, and Astonishing X-Men. (Assuming everyone has read the crossover, carry on reading my review).

**Warning, there will be some spoilers!**

The Good:

I was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked this issue… it flowed so nicely and we finally got some character development on Iceman after several years of being the background comic-relief one-liner. This issue is leading a build-up to, what I believe, will be a good story. The art was enjoyable and actually fit in nicely with the tone of this issue. Seeing Iceman having some emotional and mental problems is actually an interesting concept. The guy that no one expects to have problems ends up being the guy with the most problems as of lately. I’m curious though if whether or not Dark Beast will be brought back into this story or not… I loved all of the cameos appearances from Iceman’s former lovers: Polaris, Opal, and Annie Ghazikhanian (this is like her first appearance since she left the X-Men back in 2005). The curious pop-in Mystique made to Gambit forewarning about Iceman, and the last panel/cliffhanger all have me intrigued.

The Bad:

Still no Cecilia Reyes centered story… and Warbird wasn't present either in this issue. I was wondering why Mystique and Sabretooth were based out of Japan. But otherwise I got nothing bad to say.


A pretty solid base to what seems to be a great forthcoming story-arc. I love all of the Apocalypse nods thrown in now and again, and I’m curious to see what Iceman’s ex’s have to do with the story. Also on a side note… since X-Factor is ending, and Polaris appears to be apart of this story, I wonder if she will transition to this book. She seems like a perfect fit, and the way that Marjorie Liu has written her seems right. Finally this book is picking up!!

** Oh and I LOVE the cover! Beautiful work!

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