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Wrong names and bland characterization!

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The Good

Chocolate- Ok so Gambit’s new favorite female-late flavor is chocolate. First there was the flirtation and shared kiss with Frenzy now he’s clearly making a pass at Cecilia Reyes.

Cecilia Reyes- Nice to see her back in any capacity since she’s so underused. There’s a nice nod to recent stories with X-23 and Gambit. Some not very accurate depictions of her time with the x-men as well but I’m so Cece deprived I’m willing to roll with it.

The Bad

Say what?- Cecilia refers to almost being eaten by aliens while with the X-men. This is wrong! She was almost eaten by extra dimensional demons NOT aliens! (See X-men #75 for details right here)

Art- No please! The art is…..shaky very shaky. Some panels are passable especially those with Cecilia but Gambit looks like someone pooped on his neck and the emotional scenes are still and stilted and frankly sometimes it’s just plain ugly!

Weird- While the tone of Wolverine and the X-men makes interactions work eve when weird because of it’s light-hearted/slapstick take on the X-men Mythos, this book had a sombre mood that made the already…strange interactions jarring. Maybe things will pick up down the line but it’s all just very strange….

Wrong name- Ok, listen up Northstar’s name is Jean-Paul NOT Jean-Claude! For Christ sake get it right! How can you even claim to be writing a character correctly if you don’t even know their name? Marvel comics for frickin shame! Who’s the editor and why did he not notice this? (rolls eyes)

Cover- Can someone explain to me why Karma is on the cover and not on the interiors but Cecilia the black girl has been excluded? (shakes head)

The Ugly

I’m not impressed 2/5

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