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The fallout of Benetech’s press release over their purported “mutant cure” continues, as hundreds of mutants apply for the treatment. Even at the Xavier Institute, students are leaving and even mocking their teachers, when they suggest that there will be a choice in its application.

The conflict makes it to the X-Men themselves, after Emma telepathically learns that the Beast is researching the validity of the serum so that he can use it on himself. Learning this, Wolverine orders the Beast to trash their sample, given to McCoy by its inventor, Dr. Kavita Rao, and leading to a fight. The skirmish is ended by Emma’s telepathy, leading to a meeting in the Danger Room, where Cyclops decides that they will continue with the research, so that they know what they are up against.

Cyclops also reports that his meeting with Nick Fury regarding the S.H.I.E.L.D. weapons obtained from Ord of Breakworld’s mercs did not go well. Either Fury has become a mutant-hater in the wake of the recent attack on Manhattan, or he is hiding something, which seems to be true.

Later, after further research, the Beast comes to a horrible discovery, as he realizes that the body Benetech has been running their tests on is someone with whom they were once acquainted. Guessing at who this might be, Cyclops infers that it is Jean.

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