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it all comes down to this...

This take on the x-men has been an amazing one, a refuge for fans of x-men before the leather of the movies, reminding us why this is our favorite team. From battling alien empires to their own danger room, this comic has brought the best of x-men history as well as paving a new era. The biggest thing this series has done is easily bringing back the mighty colossus. This issue, picks up with cyclops powerless and the rest of the x-men a bit confused at what they've been fighting for the last few hours. The team is attacked by Ord and Danger, the two villans of the arc so far. The Group fights but the X-mansion is invaded by the space division of shield which transports them all onto a rocketship. Using a magnet colossus, wolverine, Danger, and Ord are all stuck, eliminating the aggressive fighters of the two sides. The rest of the x-men talked the situation over. They were on their way to breakworld to stop a full invasion of earth. Now the x-men take the fight to the enemies.

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