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The Mega-Sentinel attempts to cut the fight short with a single, massive energy blast. However, the X-Men emerge unscathed, thanks to the phasing ability of Shadowcat. Seeing that its first method of extermination was unsuccessful, the Mega-Sentinel unleashes a swarm of mechanical insects to do the job. Following the orders of Cyclops, the Beast attempts to get the Professor to safety, but is intercepted by a new airborne avatar of Danger. The Beast, however, manages to use instinct against Danger’s record of his fighting style, attacking with the ferocity of his nom de guerre, and emerging victorious. Back in the city, Emma Frost suddenly and without explanation departs the battle and enters an underground chamber, where she converses with someone who informs her that the need for her charade is almost up. Emma replies that she’s happy about that, and then rejoins the battle. Finally, as the team is not making much headway, Kitty has a new idea. She instructs Colossus give her a Fastball Special, throwing her into the Mega-Sentinel’s skull, where she begins to disrupt some of its circuits. Eventually, she finds a manual override terminal and discovers a blocked memory pathway, which he surmises Danger locked away. She convinces the Sentinel to access the memory, causing it to remember its role in the destruction of Genosha and the massacre of its 16 million inhabitants. Overcome with sorrow, sorrow which Danger had attempted to lock away, it allows Kitty to return to the X-Men, and then takes off for parts unknown. Xavier is ecstatic that his team has triumphed again, until he learns that Danger, before uploading into the Mega-Sentinel, had informed Colossus of her true history. Colossus informs the rest of the team that Danger had become self-aware the moment Xavier had used Shi’ar technology to upgrade the Danger Room. The Professor had been aware from the beginning but had kept the new lifeform imprisoned in order to use it as a training facility. Xavier tries to defend his actions but even Cyclops is uninterested in excuses. As the team departs, they and Xavier are watched by Emma’s cohorts. They are a cloaked figure, a formerly-deceased citizen of Genosha, Sebastian Shaw… and Cassandra Nova Xavier.

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