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Left behind in the Institute, the X-Men are brought back from the brink of death through the healing powers of several of their students, not the least of which is Elixir. Upon recovery, Kitty recalls the scene of the devastated nation of Genosha “she” showed her and theorizes that that is where the Danger Room entity – which Kitty dubs Danger for expediency – has gone. She theorizes that she has gone there in search of the Professor. Knowing that their former teacher will need help, Cyclops grants the team ten minutes to prepare and rushes to contact Reed Richards for a ride. As they prepare, Kitty and Piotr take a moment to speak about their unease with each other, which leads Piotr to let Kitty know that she’s not bothering him… nearly enough. In Genosha, Danger arrives via the stolen X-jet and leaps from the still-moving craft, to impact in front of Xavier’s all-terrain chair. However, she finds the person in the chair is not Xavier, but a corpse – which was a trap. Xavier quickly makes his presence known driving a truck through an adjacent building, hitting Danger and driving her into an electrical station, which wreaks havoc with her robot body. By the time she recovers, however, Xavier has used a hatchet to decapitate her. When the X-Men arrive, it seems to them that the Professor was never in need of their help. However, Xavier’s request of Magneto to incapacitate all electronic devices which Danger could manipulate was not thorough enough. Danger’s still-functioning brain discovers the second of the two Mega-Sentinels, which ravaged the island, forgotten beneath the waves of the sea. As the reprogrammed Wild Sentinel looms over the team, the Beast asks the group if they have any ideas.

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