mister_number_10_man's Astonishing X-Men #1 - Gifted, Part 1 review

Astonishing is an under statement.*

I love the x men 1st off(they can't really do any wrong,lol). But this comic book series just furthered my 'astonishment' of them(lol).I love how in your face the tension is with Emma Frost being there 1st off between Kitty Pryde, and then also with Wolverine. I never really knew much about Kitty or Emma in great depth, but it ws cool to see there characters develop throughout this series and use their powers too! I also like how in this series they kinda give u the adult x men perspective but alos some the teenage students perspectives too. Finally, wing and armor are relaly cool and its kinda sad how their relationship ends...read the other comics to find out what happens(or i guess just the reviews,lol)*.


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     Background Grant Morison has left the x-men after having taken them to the heights of sales and put a bold new lease on the mutant situation in marvel. There are literally millions; Genosha is dead having been annihilated by Rogue sentinels under the control of Xavier’s evil twin Cassandra Nova. Jean Grey is dead yet again and Scott and Emma are now openly in a relationship despite the fact that his wife died last week. is teeming with life as student from all over the world flock to the ne...

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