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Offical Summary
Blasted back into space by the Stranger, Thor hurtles across the solar system, trying to overtake Ego and deter him from reaching his final destination: the museum of Taneleer Tivan – The Collector. What business would Ego have at the museum? What would entice a living planet out of its orbit? And why is Zephyr at the museum, collaborating with The Collector?

Fan Summary
Thor awakens floating is space and remembers the Stranger put him there. He then chases after Ego the living planet and determines that he is heading to the Collector Museum. After a brief one sided battle Thor forces the Collector to explain why Ego would be heading towards the museum. While following the Collector, Thor is greeted by Zephyr, who explains that she's at in the museum under her own free will.
The Collector then shows Thor and Zephyr his Gallery of Dodecahedra, where he has thousands of pocket universes that hold the objects to large for the musuem proper. They stop a one such pocket universe that hold Alter Ego, a livging planet that is Ego's twin brother.
As Thor is about to set Alter Ego free he is double crossed by Zephyr who pushes him into the pocket universe. And as the gate closes the Collector informs Thor he is to be food for Alter Ego.

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Overview  The secondary installment of ASTONISHING THOR five part mini series, this naturally follows the first issue, which I also reviewed here. So if you haven't read either, I might suggest a quick look there. This issue carries on Rodi's and Choi's work, and none of the momentum is lost between issues. Stranger's shocking admission and blindsiding of Thor brings us up to speed, and we are treated to another wide angled, wide perspective shot of Thor, against a massive space backdrop. Often ...

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