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“Waves are but water, wind but air. And though lightning be fire… IT MUST ANSWER THUNDER’S CALL.” The God of Thunder finds himself battling a mysterious surge of natural catastrophes— hurricanes, tidal waves, earthquakes. At first, the Son of Odin suspects Zephyr, immortal mistress of the winds, but soon he finds that the climactic upheaval must be attributed to a much larger force… EGO, THE LIVING PLANET! From ROBERT RODI and MIKE CHOI! Spinning out of the destruction of Asgard, ASTONISHING THOR is an out-of-this-world adventure—where the entire universe hangs in the balance!"


A furious and unnatural storm engulfs the Earth, the mighty Thor seeks to quell it, but his attention is drawn to the visage of one known as Zephyr, the Wind goddess at the same time.

This invokes a flashback to a younger brasher Thor playing dice with some unsavoiry people. Thor has bet all his money but offers a ruby plundered from the dwarf king as ante, but Njoda, the goddess of luck, is not with him. He loses but someone has already stolen the ruby, and after using his godly fists on the other men he chaces after the wench who stole it.

Thors mind snaps back to the presnt and after controlling the surging seas and receiving news of the why and how from guardian Heimdall, Thor heads into space.

After traveling for some time, he discovers the source of the supernatural weather causing destruction on Earth, he encounters Ego. However that is not the only cosmic being he encounters.

The Stranger stops Thor from using his hammer on Ego. After exchanging word the Stranger uses his powers to launch the tunder god into space.

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