harleyquinnhawkgirl's Astonishing Spider-Man & Wolverine #2 - Another Fine Mess, Part Two review

Spidey had me cracking up in this issue.

Story: Spidey is teaching this civilization of furry people about physics. Spidey got some sort of assistant named Mikal. They're trying to create something to save the world and to be honest I had no idea what was going on in that part. Spider-Man got his costume from History's Lamest super-heroes statue. Wolverine became the messiah but he doesn't go outside. All he does is train with his robots. I remember Spider-Man made a lot of jokes in their conversation. Wolverine tells Spidey that he can't be the messiah. Spidey runs into the Orb and he's after the crystals that got them into this whole mess. Then all of a sudden this warp hole just sucks the Orb in. The Doom planet arrives which means more bad news for everyone. Spider-Man gets the pheonix force into a gun and is going to shoot at the planet but Wolverine knocks him out and takes it. The story ends off with two guys gunning for Wolverine. 
Writing: This story fell a little flat to me. It didn't get interesting until Spidey started making all the jokes. Also this story feels a little messed up because I thought this story was gonna star off with the red robot dinosaurs not start with Peter as a teacher. I feel as if they're trying to make this story more funny than what it should be. 
Characters: Well there's really only two characters to pick from and you should probably like one of them. I do like the arrangement though and I like seeing how they interact with each other. 
Dialogue: Peter's dialouge is the best part of this issue. 
Art: I do really like this art. Oh before I forget, how did Wolverine preserve his costume but super smart Spider-Man's ripped to shreds and he had to find a new one!
Cover: This cover explains the exactly what's gonna happen at the end. 
Penciling: I love it. 
Coloring: The character coloring is great but I think the background could be a little lighter. 
Favorite pages and why. 
1: Seeing Peter as a teacher was cool. 
9-11: I loved their whole conversation. 
17: The Doom planet was awesome.  
Reasons to and not to pick up. 
Reasons to pick up:
If your into the whole time travel thing and civilization then this is a must have. Also Adam Kubert does some pretty great art. 
Reasons not to pick up: This issue was not that interesting and it's moving very slow. 
Verdict: I am sorry to shoot this issue down but Don't pick it up. 3 out of 5. I had high expectations for this issue and it did not meet them.

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