batmanboy11's Astonishing Spider-Man & Wolverine #2 - Another Fine Mess, Part Two review

Spidey & Wolverine: This book is "astonishing"!

Depite its crazy premise, Spidey & Wolverine is a great book. Jason Aaron is some how able to write for two vastly different main characters and still make them sound like they should, and that's quite an accomplishment. His over-the-top narrative may be a bit  ridiculous, but he picked two characters that are usually over the top anyways, and he writes it well. Adam Kubert's art is damn fine too, maybe even better than the writing. Spider-Man and Wolverine are drawn especially well, and the backgrounds and minor characters look pretty good too. If you're a fan of Spidey and/or the Canuckle Head (who isn't?) than this is a must buy. Try and pick up issue #1, as well. If you can't find it though, still get this one as you'll be caught up fast.
Posted by ANGEL1993

It looks and sounds good but personally I think that the Wolverine and Deadpool was the best.

Posted by batmanboy11

I'm more of a fan of Spidey than Deadpool.

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