tom_1994's Astonishing Spider-Man & Wolverine #2 - Another Fine Mess, Part Two review

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 The second installment of Spidey and Wolvie's time-altering adventure is here! After befriending a tribe of cavemen called 'the little folk' and teaching them to stand up for themselves, Wolverine and Spider-Man are bumped to an alternate future where the little folk (who should have become extinct) inhabit the world. Which is where this book picks up from and develops the idea of this alternate future and shows Spider-Man as a teacher, trying to bring order to the ape-like little folk, whereas Wolverine is, as you can imagine, having nothing to do with it and hiding away in a dungeon-like setting, destroying killer robots for sport. In this time period they are face with another world-ending threat, which is quite familiar from the first issue. All i'm going to say it's another spacey-kind-of-thing which tries to destroy the earth. Anyway, thats enough story, you'll have to buy it to find out what happens next...

I would like to start off by saying I absolutely LOVED issue 1. Jason Aaron's story telling is well paced and depicts the characters how they should be, although Spidey seems to be more intelligent here a lot like Mr. Fantastic, but still keeping his kid-ish, fearful self that we all know and love while Wolverine is methodical, ruthless but logical as you would expect him to be. 

This issue really moves on the story but also leaves a lot the imagination, but i guess that will be addressed in the forthcoming issues, it's not a cliffhanger as such... just makes you hungry for more.

Adam Kubert's art here is great, everything and everyone looks how it should, faces, costumes... claws and settings. It's all good. The coloring, i found, was a little dull, but maybe thats just me, and the inks could have been somewhat thicker and given more depth - I'm not saying it's bad, everything worked really well together and the finished art is visually pleasing.

So - the story is well paced, characters are well portrayed and the story leaves you hungry for more. The art is great, things are drawn as they should be and the inks and colours really compliment it. Therefore I'm giving this issue a 4/5 and I really recommend you buy this.


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