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Review: Astonishing Spider-Man & Wolverine #2 0

In a future where super-smart chimps have replaced humans, Spider-Man and Wolverine desperately search for a weapon to defeat the approach of Doom, the Living Planet.   The Good  This issue had delightfully-bizarre concepts like Dr. Doom replacing Ego as a living planet and the Phoenix force getting distilled into a bullet. You read that right - - it's a single bullet with the power to incinerate an entire world. Aaron's clearly having fun finding clever ways to turn these familiar standards of ...

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Spidey & Wolverine: This book is "astonishing"! 0

Depite its crazy premise, Spidey & Wolverine is a great book. Jason Aaron is some how able to write for two vastly different main characters and still make them sound like they should, and that's quite an accomplishment. His over-the-top narrative may be a bit  ridiculous, but he picked two characters that are usually over the top anyways, and he writes it well. Adam Kubert's art is damn fine too, maybe even better than the writing. Spider-Man and Wolverine are drawn especially well, and the...

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Spidey had me cracking up in this issue. 0

Story: Spidey is teaching this civilization of furry people about physics. Spidey got some sort of assistant named Mikal. They're trying to create something to save the world and to be honest I had no idea what was going on in that part. Spider-Man got his costume from History's Lamest super-heroes statue. Wolverine became the messiah but he doesn't go outside. All he does is train with his robots. I remember Spider-Man made a lot of jokes in their conversation. Wolverine tells Spidey that he ca...

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Prepare to be ASTONISHED! 0

 This review was first published on my blog    The second installment of Spidey and Wolvie's time-altering adventure is here! After befriending a tribe of cavemen called 'the little folk' and teaching them to stand up for themselves, Wolverine and Spider-Man are bumped to an alternate future where the little folk (who should have become extinct) inhabit the world. Which is where this book picks up from and develops the idea of this alternate future and shows Spider-Ma...

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Crisis in the future 0

The Story - Logan and Peter, after avoiding a bank robbery, get themselves involved in a timestream mess, first going to the dinossaur age and now, in issue # 2, in a post apocaliptic New York city where the Small Folk are the soul survivors. Although I must admit this isn´t the typical scenario and plot for them to get into, it´s a very interesting concept developed by Jason Aaron and now some questions are been answered, such as the link between the bank robbery and the "diamonds" with the ti...

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