theansweris42's Astonishing Spider-Man & Wolverine #1 - Another Fine Mess, Part One review

Not what I expected at all

We are at the end of an era of comics.  After a few years in what I call the "Dark Age" of comics ushered by Alan Moore, we are moving on.  Gone is the gritty realism(ish), and returning is the silver age style writing that made comics as fun as they use to be.  I Renaissance in the most literal term.  We had a great run (Rome), then things got messed up (Dark Ages and Catholic Church) and now things are looking happy again (Renaissance).  The Heroic age is on us and all is theory.  
If anything Dark Reign thought us is that character interaction is more important then the madness the characters find themselves in.  This is apparent in Dark Reign where the heroes are hunted and forced to live between the law, and in Blackest Night where the Black Lanterns brought back loved ones to mentally torment the heroes.  Sadness sells, so it's fitting that the first real Heroic Age book involves two character who really REALLY hate each other.
Usually Spiderman and Wolverine play nice, but thankfully they are back to hating each other in this book.  Forced to deal with each other due to the (here's the Silver Age influence) magic crystals that sent them to prehistoric time.  Right the end of the dinosaurs mind you, and surprisingly it works.  
The writing is witty, the characters contrast and parallel in internal monologues on how much they hate each other.  It's fun.  I can't wait to see where it goes after this.
I have nothing bad to say about it.

Posted by joshmightbe

spiderman and wolverine are very different people it just makes sence that they'd hate eachother

Posted by W@de Wilson

I started reading comics in the middles of these "dark ages", and reading this book made me smile inside and out.  The villain they were fighting in the bank was classic.  The henchmen banter was brilliant, and the rest of the book was just downright enjoyable.  Great issue, great review!

Posted by Theansweris42
@W@de Wilson:

Make sure to pass on the "Dark Age" deal.  It is the only way I can think of describing it.

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