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i liked it, but i dont know if i was "astonished"

let me start by saying i love both jason aaron's writing and adam kuberts art. im also a huge spider-man fan and a pretty big wolverine fan. i'm actually not that big of a fan of "team-up" books, and this one seemed a little cheesy, but i figured they were my favorite characters being written by a writer i like and drawn by an artist i love so i might as well pick it up, right? 
right. so i did. and it was... interesting. the art was great overall, i really love adam kubert and i feel like his style is so perfect for the comic medium, and its awesome for books like this one where you want a great comic feel. you want realism, but you want that cartoony fun style at the same time. and its all here. but sometimes peter parker just didnt look like peter parker to me. same with wolverine. i dont know. the faces could have been better.
as for the writing, again, it was great overall. the story is pretty neat and takes us in a direction i definitely didnt see coming. it's an interesting way to set up a team-up series, rather than just pitting two characters against a "really powerful bad guy." so that was cool. and the dialogue was pretty on point with each character. 
but also: 

so what do i think? i think if you like wolverine a lot and you like spidey a lot, its worth picking up. if you want a fun book that's outside of everything that's been happening in the marvel universe, you might really enjoy this. i always love series that aren't so tied up in "big events." but if you're tight on cash, you might want to stick to your regular pull list. 
3.5 / 5
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Posted by digitalblasphemy

i felt the same way about how parker and logan looked.. they looked a bit off but i still dug how there was a piece of the spiderman suit used as a head band, heh. art is good, story is decent. im willing to see what happens in the next issue, i gotta see what the red robotic dinosaur is all about, lol.

Posted by zombietag
@digitalblasphemy: haha yeah devil dinosaur. im definitely gonna buy the rest of the series. well see how it goes
Posted by digitalblasphemy
@zombietag:  me too! :D

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