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"Another Fine Mess." 0

Well the plot summary doesn't lie, Spider-Man and Wolverine literally get thrown to the corner of the Marvel Universe, not in the way you expect though.  They've been thrown back in time, and that's all I'm going to say.  What You Need to Know The Heroic Age is here.  It's the first issue in a brand new series.  Creative Team is Jason Aaron and Adam Kubert.  The Good The story was really good.  For a first issue it comes out strong, throwing you into the middle of the story, as the reader tries ...

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i liked it, but i dont know if i was "astonished" 0

let me start by saying i love both jason aaron's writing and adam kuberts art. im also a huge spider-man fan and a pretty big wolverine fan. i'm actually not that big of a fan of "team-up" books, and this one seemed a little cheesy, but i figured they were my favorite characters being written by a writer i like and drawn by an artist i love so i might as well pick it up, right?  right. so i did. and it was... interesting. the art was great overall, i really love adam kubert and i feel like his s...

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Not what I expected at all 0

We are at the end of an era of comics.  After a few years in what I call the "Dark Age" of comics ushered by Alan Moore, we are moving on.  Gone is the gritty realism(ish), and returning is the silver age style writing that made comics as fun as they use to be.  I Renaissance in the most literal term.  We had a great run (Rome), then things got messed up (Dark Ages and Catholic Church) and now things are looking happy again (Renaissance).  The Heroic age is on us and all is theory.  ...

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Spidey and Wolverine on Gilligan's Island? 0

          Spider-Man and Wolverine have been transported back to the stone-age. The whole beginning is Wolverine and Spidey trying to survive the savage time. They both have seperate living areas where Peter's is the civilized and thought out area and Logan's is a savage area where he is a ruler of apes. They obviously do not get along. Now we see how they got there. There was a bank robbery and Spider-Man and Wolverine go to stop it, but when these special diamonds are dealt with the wrong way...

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Spidey+Wolverine+Flintstones+Back to the Future = 1 Good Comic 0

First off, let me just say that I am a huge Spider-Man fan (as you can probably tell by my screen name). I am also a Wolverine fan, but then again who isn't. I think if you fling a dead cat in a crowded room, more than likely you'll hit a Wolverine fan. Now as we all know this isn't the first time these two super-heroes teamed up together and I think every time they do, it reminds me of an 80's cop "buddy" movie such as Eddie Murphy and Nick Nolte in 48 hrs and possibly the first Lethal Weapon f...

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