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Asteroth was a Grand Duke of Hell and imparted some of Lucifer's power in order to destroy the one who kills Lucifer should the Judgement War prophescy come to pass. When Lucifer was thrown to Heaven's Gate by Lady Death and destroyed, Asteroth was awoken. He searched Lady Death through realms, but she always seemed to slip away. Then he caught the one responsible for Lady Death's disappearances, Vandala. He followed her to a realm where Lady Death had made a peaceful life for herself. Asteroth destroyed her village and her adoptive parents. Lady Death was so enraged he abandoned her peaceful ways and attacked Asteroth. He was defeated in a lake when she channeled some of angelic energy to it making it holy and lethal to Asteroth.

The Twice-Damned

When Hell was collapsing, Asteroth was summoned to create a civil war in Hell. It brought him into conflict with Cremator, they battled long and neither was winning, until one of hell lords teleported them both away into separate locations. Asteroth took the opportunity to attack traitors, but his mission was interrupted by Cremator. The two fought again, but this time Cremator won, as he carried Spear of Destiny. After Lucifer's return, Asteroth was taken to Earth with him. There he pretended to be Matthew Bukowski a security chief in casino Inferno and army general. Once Lady Death had fought Heaven and Hell representatives in Rapture, Asteroth was ordered to attack her. Lady Death offered a deal, who wins gets to name fate worse than death to the loser; Asteroth agreed.

Asteroth wanted Lady Death to be his concubine, and Lady Death wanted him to serve her until time ends. After long and hard battle, Asteroth was bested and he had no choice but to serve Lady Death, or he would be dishonoring Hell. It got even worse for Asteroth as Lucifer himself ordered his minions not to kill him and named him The Twice-Damned. Asteroth was tormented by his dishonor; he was then visited by Azrael, who told him that he again regains his Arch Duke status, if he survives. When Purgatori attacked Lady Death's fortress, Asteroth was infected with the blood curse, but he still fought its influence long after Two Horsemen of Apocalypse had succumbed. He was fortunately released from it when Purgatori summoned more power from converted enemies. Under Lady Death's leadership he took part in defeating both Hell's forces and that of Heaven.

Asteroth Charges

Asteroth survived the Armageddon and was recreated in the world known as Dark Millennium. He was once again Arch Duke, as time indeed had ended and he was free of his services to Lady Death. He ruled the demon race there. Lady Death approached him and asked his assistance against common enemy, he provided the information. He also allowed Lady Death to punish Pagan for killing one of the Nameless Wolves, as Asteroth respected those creatures. When Abaddon's avatar came to earth, Vandala gathered an alliance, Asteroth was also contacted and he agreed to join forces with Lady Death. Together they won and the veil of darkness disappeared.

Time had passed and Asteroth was brought to a new world, where all previous Hell Lords met, a plan was devised to resurrect Lucifer once again. Asteroth agreed and the deed was done.

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