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As usual it is a peaceful day when it reaches the village gala Filatelix, the postman. Obelix asks if they can send mail menhirs, what this says yes, provided they are certified to not get lost in the deal. In the mail brings a letter from Lutetia (Paris) for the head Vitalstatistix. The letter is from his brother Oceanonix informing you that your child Justforkix, a young teenager, traveling on vacation to the village and asks you to do man, for what city life is very soft.

The "angry" boy comes to the village driving a chariot drawn by four horses, the uncle is "old." Asterix he praises the car and he replies that it is a sport made Mediolanum (Milan). The chief Asterix and Obelix instructs them to worry the young. Asterix organizes a dance reception in his honor. The boy is bored with the music and dances provincials, until up to the stage, takes the lyre Cacofonix, the bard, and tells them that they will play what is danced in the catacombs of Lutetia, the Pata Pata and other modern dances and soon everyone dances excited to Obelix. The dance ends when the bard recover his lyre and began to sing. Everyone leaves and the young man says he is wasting time, you should go to sing Olimpix of Lutetia (Paris).

While this is happening in the village gala, in a country situated in northern Gaul, where the nights are very long and cold winter is unbearable for any human being less for the Normans - fierce warriors who do not know fear - a group holds an important meeting. They are talking that they need to know what is fear, because they want to know everything and all they need to know is fear and that they have heard of "fly out of fear" because they believe it will give them the ability to fly like the birds. The boss asks you to bring some calvados, the national drink, in some skulls of vanquished, but very full. The problem I have is that not knowing what is fear, children are not afraid of the ogre, the elderly are not afraid of authority and hiccups is virtually incurable illness, as this can not continue, the head Grosenbaf them from where it proposes to know fear and discover the secret of what it is.

Three weeks later, the Normans embark on one of his sailors ships, a longship, starting the trip. Grosenbaf Gaul randomly selected as a region where to go. Unfortunately not know that the Gauls are not specialists in fear and that his only fear is that the sky is falling on your head.

Asterix, Obelix and Justforkix are on the beach when the boat sighted the young Norman immediately recognizes it and starts in terror to the village. Vitalstatistix Asterix and Obelix sent back to the beach to see what visitors do. These, when they arrive to the beach begin to install their camp. Asterix and Obelix return to the village and inform the chief that the Normans landed and set up camp, you also have names that are very rare, all ending in "f" as: Pataf, Epitaf, Complementaf, Soldaf, Mataf, Castañaf.

Grosenbaf Soldaf sends his assistant into the territory to spy on the Gauls. On his return tells the Gauls, like them, ignore what is fear, but there is one that presumes to know, even said to be champion of fear. The Chief ordered an expedition to capture him and bring him alive.

The Normans captured Justforkix when he goes back to Lutetia. Asterix and Obelix are the car of the young in the forest, along the trail infer that he was kidnapped. One notes that Roman patrol the beach is a fight, returns to his camp decurion to a report in triplicate of the event but the centurion sent back to the beach to stop the fight. When they reach the coast get in the way of the contest with the Normans Asterix and Obelix, taking the brunt.

Roman patrol back to their camp and reported that only a discussion among bathers. Asterix and Obelix come to the store manager and asked Norman why they kidnapped Justforkix. The chief replies that the champion will teach you many things and then let go, what they teach is how to fear and how to fly.

Asterix Norman asks the boss if they teach you how afraid do you return to the young and go from Gaul? Grosenbaf says yes, because they have not been in war, but plan to study. Their descendants who will return, but many centuries later.

Asterix replied that the village will have something to teach them to fear. Send to Obelix to find the bard Cacofonix, who is on his way to Lutetia. Bard agrees to go where the Normans to save the young Justforkix, the only one who has learned to appreciate his talents as singer and recommended that arise in the Olimpex of Lutetia.

While waiting for the return of Obelix, the chief Norman loses patience and takes Justforkix the edge of a cliff to teach them to fly in fear. Just when they will throw the empty gun involved Obelix and the big fight, the young, seeing the loneliness of Asterix against so many Normans, loses all fear and courageously fight with Asterix.

When in mid-fight coming Obelix and the bard. Asterix asks stop the fight to teach them what is to be afraid and makes the bard sing in front of the Normans. These, to listen, understand what is being afraid, but still are not wings. Release the young and return to their homeland, but all they find it is afraid of flying.

In the village, the guy is proud of his brave nephew now completing his apprenticeship with Obelix who, among other things, teaches him to hunt wild boar and attack the Roman patrols. They end the vacation of the young and Vitalstatistix organizes a great farewell banquet, but also in honor of the bard who was the hero of the day, at the banquet is allowed to sing whatever comes to mind.







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