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Julius Caesar was very upset that all Gaul was at peace, the Roman peace, but a small village. To fix sent to the camp of Compendium to its Inspector General with the rank of Prefect, Lucilius Flordelotus. This was received by the centurion Graco Linus, leader of the Roman camp, which informed his decision to attack the village to reduce it.

Linus explained that these Gauls were invincible because they possessed an extraordinary power because they drank a magic potion. The Mayor did not listen and attacked the village with the results always defeat. After this failure came to lock them in their own village, for which he built a fence around it. Asterix was outraged and told him they were Gauls Flordelotus and therefore could go anywhere in his country and to prove he bet that would give the village and around the whole of Gaul each region bringing a specialty with the that would make a great feast, to which the Mayor would be invited.

Flordelotus accepted the bet and promised that if met, levantería the site and return to Rome acknowledging its failure to Caesar. Was accompanied by Asterix Obelix. As they left the village, breaking the fence, Flordelotus sent a messenger to give the general warning to Gaul about the two Gauls who had escaped.

The two friends went to Rotomagus (Ruan) there boarded a ship that Flavia and Federicus celebrated their wedding anniversary by making a river cruise, the ship took them to Lutetia (Paris) where they bought a whole ham. Continued Camaracum (Cambrai) city that bought a "nonsense" (bêtise of Cambrai). Followed Durocortorum (Reims) where they bought wine and continued their journey without stopping.

A few hours of walking through a forest felt very hungry, they found a house was the home of Cuadrix. This recognized them and gave them plenty of food, but managed to betray them by denouncing them to the Romans by a financial reward. The Romans captured Asterix, Obelix it was hunting wild boars. When Obelix returned Cuadrix forced to tell him where his friend. This revealed that the Romans had taken him to the nearest garrison Divodurum (Metz).

In Divodurum, Obelix was taken directly to jail where he found Asterix, untied him so he could drink the magic potion and regain strength. That did not purchase and headed Lugdunum (Lyon) in a chariot of official mail.

In Lugdunum, the Governor was determined to arrest the two Gauls, but they were helped by the Head Clandestine City, Pepix, who misled the Romans in the intricate streets of the town and gave him sausage and meatballs Asterix (quenelle ) for the banquet, for all the Gauls knew of the bet and wanted them to win. Followed at full gallop to Nicae (Nice).

On the way they were arrested by the congestion of the road, were in holiday time and everyone went to the beach to rest. In Nice bought the specialty of the city: a vase full of nicosia salad. Continued to Massalia (Marseille).

Yes, they continued, but by sea. They got into a boat and arrived after a long voyage to Massalia, the Magnificent. They entered the "Tavern of the navigator." Were attended by the owner, Caesar, that he prepared a bouillabaisse of memory. Continued to Tolosa (Toulouse).

Tolosa way they did at night and camped in the road, but when he awoke he realized they were in the midst of a Roman camp. The Romans drove to the entrance of Toulouse for him to see the prefect Telefonus. The two friends escaped before the arrival of this, bought sausages and continued towards Aginum (Agen).

When they reached Aginum were received by the entire population, "The return to Gaul" seemed a triumphal. Odalix who owned a hostel in town with the Romans planned to drug the two Gauls and the Romans were asleep when they could catch them. Asterix distrusted the landlord and made him taste the food before them and found out. They picked up a package with the famous prunes of the city and went back. The yellow sack with the testimonies of the cities was increasingly large and heavy.

Road to Burdigala (Bordeaux), as they slept in the woods, a couple of thieves Romans, Plexus and Radius, stole the yellow bag with supplies. The captured soldiers mistook them for Asterix and Obelix. General Motus, commander of the city, an exemplary punishment would apply even though they claimed that they were the Gauls.

In the square were going to apply punishment when Asterix and Obelix appeared, seized the bag with food and helped by all the people escaped, but white Bordeaux wine bought before and oysters, local specialties. They headed to the port where the captain was giving Canarix a shipment of menhirs. The captain recognized the now famous Gauls and told them that he would be honored to take them back to Armonique (Le Conquet). While browsing were found with the same pirate of the last trips that sank once more.

The ship reached the harbor of Asterix and Obelix Gesocribate where they landed and went to his village who received them with joy. Asterix and Obelix Flordelotus showed him at a table, delicious victuals they had brought and finally offered Lucius Asterix the most succulent dish all the chestnut and left unconscious with a punch to the Praetor.







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