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Hey reader. This is my 24. CV-review.

A bit about the book.

It`s a hilarious four color-anthology full of great stories and characters.

What I like...

It`s a hilarious four color-anthology full of great stories and characters...

The book is a birthday gift Alberto Uderzo. It`s one of the best gifts ever.

All the stories have been made with love towards the Asterix and Obelix-lore. It really shows, with the reader most likely feeling joy when reading the stories. I know that I did.

Everything from the art to inks and lettering is top notch.

Lots of crossovers!

What I don`t like...

Some of the stories aren`t as good as the others. But like in the case of most great or good anthology, none of them suck. Maybe your opinion is different, but I think so.

So, to conclude...

Buy it, read it, loan it from the library, give it to your friends and breath it! Seriously, this is the best thing ever!

Seriously, nothing else should be said, and I don`t know what else I should say.

Posted by The Poet

oh goody! Asterix!


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