kfhrfdu_89_76k's Asterix #4 - Asterix the Gladiator review

Another classic. Wow, there`s alot of them, right?

So, this is my 27. CV-review. Wouh. Alot of reviews. Or maybe not.

Bit about the story.

Read the description!

What I like.

Alot of great characters and places.

Asterix and Obelix go to Rome for the first time, and of course they go to different places (like a spa, Colisseum and a weird house made of bricks, which has more than one floor (Can you imagine living in a house like that?)) and have many humorous moments.

Speaking of moments like that, there`s alot of them in this book, too.

Art, writing, colouring and plotting doesn`t let the reader down.

But seriously...Obelix and Asterix as Gladiators (who do not kill and also mock the whole violent event in may other ways)...shouldn`t that be enough a reason to read this?!

What I don`t like.

It has the same faults as the previous one. Sometimes it feels too childish. But hey...This is also written for children! What a suprise! In that, case, it shouldn`t be that much of a bother.

Albums are always too expensive, even if they are just 40-60 pages long. But if a story is this great, maybe they actually aren`t.

So, to conclude...

Seriously? I have to conclude this? Didn`t I already tell enough, so that you will buy the darn thing? I didn`t?! You`re kidding! I ain`t concluding nothing! Good riddance!


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