kfhrfdu_89_76k's Asterix #3 - Asterix and the Goths review

Action! Gauls! Romans! Magic potions! Funny names!

Hello Viner (or a person who isn`t registered to the site, but uses it). This is my 26. CV-review. Before reading, read the instructions on how to read it:

1. Read the verses and words and stuff.

2. Understand their meaning.

3. Decide whether you liked the review and it was helpful to you, or whether it was terrible and it didn`t help you at all.

4. After deciding, either recommend it, or don`t.

5. Go on to do other things.

Bit of the plot...

The druid of the village (Getafix) goes to a meeting of his colleagues, where it`s decided who is the best druid of the year (they also have fun there). Getafix is kidnapped by Goths, and Asterix and Obelix try to get him back. Naturally, Romans decide to mix things up, too. And a conflict ensues...

What I like...

I`m nostalgic about this series. That`s why it feels extra special to me.

Most of the humor is fun and inventive, even if you`d already know the jokes. Or maybe I`m wrong about that, and I`m simply speaking for myself (and other fans of the characters). Which is what I should do, actually.

There`s alot of jokes, so you`ll most likely like at least one of them.

The story is straightforward, doesn`t have crazy, hidden greater-than-life double meanings and is full of action. Exactly, what you should expect from Goscinny and Uderzo.

Art is as great as it is in the cover.

It goes on long enough, since it has six panels a page at least (no splashes), there`s not pointless repetition (if it`s not funny) and there`s 43 pages of story.

It`s an album. Not one that plays music, of course. Or maybe it does, in a metaphysical level...

The characters, environment and time period fit perfectly with eachother.

The coloring is nice. Splendid, actually.

What I don`t like...

Sometimes the dialogue, for example, feels slightly forced.

To conclude...

Read it. this book is a part of one of the most greatest and classic comics, ever made on planet Earth of this universe. So, yeah. Read it.

Posted by The Poet

love the instruction sheet :P

Posted by kfhrfdu_89_76k

@The Poet:

Great. So, it`s helpful, I reckon.

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