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The G.I. Joe Assault Quad is one of the newest additions to the G.I. Joe motor pool.  It's a highly-durable ground assault machine designed to handle the toughest terrain and still pack a punch.  Two of its most fascinating features are its ability to carry modular mission-specific weapons pods, and the hidden grill-launched missile launcher.  The Assault Quad is able to withstand a significant amount of small arms fire, with the weakest spots being the hard-points for the weaponry mounts.  It's the perfect vehicle for engaging small, lightly armed infantry units.

The Assault Quad weighs 1,500 pounds and has a top road speed of 85 MPH and cross-country speed of 60 MPH with a fully loaded range of 230 miles.  It is armed with 1 detachable pod with 2 x 7.62mm machine guns with 1,500 rounds of ammunition.  It also has a 10 bay box missile launchers, with short-range surface-to-surface fragmentation missiles; 1 grill-mounted short-range incendiary missile launcher.

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