silkcuts's Aspen Splash: Swimsuit Spectacular #5 - 2010 review

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All Wet

I can't believe these still sell....  at $3 for pin-ups is kind of a lot, but worth it if you like great art of girls in swimsuits.  Aspen maybe the only company that can get away with this because the art is good.  Aspen has a company has become a farm company for companies like DC comics, who now employ Francis Manapul and Marcus To on a regular bases.
This comic has a great range of art styles.  There is playful art to photo realistic art.  I am glad they haven't done the live model pin-ups like in the 1990s with books like Maximum press' Avengelyne Swimsuit.  Keeping it comic art makes it about the art, not about the sexually attractive women these characters art.
The only real flaw to this issue is that Francis Manapul being DC exclusive now makes this comic feel weird without one of his pin-ups. The issue itself is still lovely.  It is just weird.
If comic art is your thing, you might want to look into this.
- Silkcuts

Posted by Trodorne

hell yeah cause the last thing i need is sex in my comic books. thanks for reinforcing my belief that i don't need to spend $3 on a pin up and just take my digital camera to the beach...i mean what? 
 Damn the comic industry for making me shell out more money for the good varient covers.  
 Thanks for the tip.
Posted by Silkcuts
@Trodorne:  Also with the internet you can download these picture somewhere by now, or if not now, soon. I don't condone downloading though. 
Also don't get yourself in trouble at the beach with a digicam and blame me :D
Posted by Trodorne
@Silkcuts: okay im totally blaming you if i get caught. saying the comic reviewer made me do it. and i did not want to pay $3 for a pin up.
Posted by Silkcuts
@Trodorne:  Then I'll say the Devil made me do it!

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