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Splash is wonderful. 0

Aspen MLT has grown and because of that there are more beautiful women than in past years.So were seeing more different kind of women from the aspen universe.That is cool because it is more like a bikini calander with multiole women in it.Its also notcool becuase you want to see more of the girls you like most.Bottom line,this is what makes us (men) proudthat we were born men.Keep up the good work Aspen MLT....

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Serously? Really? Ugh... 0

This was made? People bought this?! I noticed it was out, and I'll be honest, the comic book store is dead today. So I "read" it. No story, no words, just fake girls in bikinis. I'm dumbfounded, at a loss for words. I gave this comic 1 stars, one star for some of the decent artwork and that's it. This is garbage. You want to see good looking women, buy a maxim or one of those book, or go onto google and type, "hot chicks". Hey, at least that's free and you don't have to waste your hard earned $2...

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