Fathom volume 3

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A little late on the announcement but for anyone following Fathom, and wondering when the 3rd volume is coming out, issue 0 is coming out late May, and issue 1 starts in the summer. And the writer/artist team is J.T. Krul & Ale Garza.


"Michael Turner's Fathom makes its triumphant return for the thrilling third volume! The deadly tides of change rise above the surface in the exciting third chapter of the best selling action adventure series, Fathom! Humankind faces a new threat to their existence from the ancient and powerful underwater race, the Black, while the return of the villainous Killian sends shockwaves throughout the already-devastated world of the Blue. Meanwhile, Aspen Matthews attempts to adjust to life above the water, but a future - and past - threat emerges to disrupt her safe haven! Featuring an all-new 12-page story that sets the stage for the brand-new Fathom #1 issue coming this summer, make sure to get in on the ground floor of the next exciting Fathom story arc! Complete with an additional sketchbook section, never before seen art, and a stunning cover by series artist Ale Garza, this special #0 issue is not to be missed! Oh yeah, a guy by the name of Michael Turner is involved too - hang on tight!"
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Good lookin out.

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...I'm still reading Vol 2

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Jack the Ripper says:

"...I'm still reading Vol 2"

You've got plenty of time to finish it... it's going to be a long time before vol 3 finishes..

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I say again, to make my feelings about this known...



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I'm pretty excited to see Ale Garza's art in this volume.

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YES! I love Fathom, but I need to find volume 2 before I make my way to volume 3...

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Gotta love the Garza

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Well, it's here.

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Well vol 2 wasnt that good, and if its going to be something like that then I think I am gonna drop it...
Vol 1 was alot of fun tought.

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