Aspen Matthews Respect Thread

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Energy Manipulation

Charges up energy canyons by harnessing the energy within water, together they had the energy to flatten earth cities and drain the earth's oceans.

Has her body destroyed and reforms as water and energy, absorbs energy from the blue sun (enough to boil all the earths oceans) and feels completely fine in later scans.

Krillin talks about the blue sun and what it does.

Water Control

Creates waves so she can surf

Takes on the US military at hoover dam, deflects their bullets and busts out the dam, then stops the water and creates water tornados throughout the dam and affects the entire weather in the state.

Busts through steel reinforced walls.

Deflects missles from jets with water shield.

Rips the water out of a man

Turns blades into water and resists been turned to ice.

Takes the US Navy, force a submarine out of the water and turns an aircraft carrier into mush


Of course one of the hottests babes in the comic multiverse courtesy of amazing art from micheal turner himself.

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If I saw Aspen Mathews coming, I would surrender immediately!

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