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Ten years have passed since Nathan Summers, aka Cable, defeated Apocalypse. But the past keeps colliding with the present, when Nathan is introduced to “Professor”, a mysterious man with ties to his parents. Cable listens to the legend of the X-Men, but when story-teller Fossil declares that is was Mother Askani who killed Apocalypse, Cable loses his cool.

The Askani timeline is now a post-Apocalypse world. There are some to want to remember the past while others, like the New Canaanites, simply want control. Young Nathan Dayspring is now a teenager and has piqued the interest of Umbridge, a New Canaanite official. While captured, Nathan is introduced to Blaquesmith, who helps him escape. He then begins his search for the last of the Askani Clan. Stryfe and Ch'Vayre are off on their own in hopes of finding a way to inherit Apocalypse's thrown.

The artidicial entity "Professor" is a rebooted Ship.

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