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Heir to the Dalmascan throne, Ashe was widowed when her husband Rasler was killed in battle. Her Kingdom was soon after assaulted and occupied by Archadia. She seeks power to use against Archadia for what they have done to her country of Dalmasca. She is a descendent of the  King Raithwall, the Dynast King. Along with Vossler, Ashe helped form the Resistance, a group with the purpose of liberating Dalmasca. She eventually finds aid with the young street thief Vaan, and his friend Penelo, and the sky pirates Balthier and Fran.


The character of Ashe, was created by Japanese video game designer Akihiko Yoshida, and her first appearance was in the 2006 video game Final Fantasy XII. Her first appearance in a comic was Final Fantasy XII #1 by artist Gin Amou. Ashe was designed to look French. 

Powers and Abilities

Ashe is trained in the use of sword and shield. She can use various magical spells. 

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