Ash’s time still theory

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This one is a long time coming there have been several theories that can be reason he is still10. I figure we can start numbering theories. which one you preferred.

  1. Time control Pokemon theory: there are few pokemon with the ability to control time. those incded so far are celebi and dialga
  2. Ash coma theory: this is popular theory stating that he was in coma after the explosion.
  3. Different planet rules: as joshmightbe mention in another thread that they are in Jupiter. With the environment that is possibility
  4. Lazy writing and no way out of it: if want to take the lazy way out and can not think of a clever solotion
  5. The pokemon world is Neverland: they have pirates (team aqua) living shadows (gengar), fairies (clefairy) and they have crocodiles that will constantly chase you (Krookodile)
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6. it's a cartoon





I vote for number 6

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I have to ask how Archie shows growth while still keeping their age for so many years. The original story writer said that series is cyclical because it could be. It is best not care too much and this why most will easily file this “It is just a cartoon”. That is true but I feel that does not excuse from bad writing and staying with status quo to that will lead stagnate.

Now if anyone had the opportunity they would gladly answer it but my guess after the risk of the Super Mario movie. I guessing they would rather play it safe and make it follow a status quo.

Pokémon Adventures has a point over what they have over the cartoon and fans should gloat for this. Ash is dumb but that does not mean he cannot learn and that is where the writers forget or refuse. Heck Best Wishes it makes more sense in if that Ash is a clone. Most people want him to be gone to let another person have a swing. I would like him leave on a high note.

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@Hazlenaut: I didn't think anyone knew about Pokemon Adventures, which I really think went downhil round the D&P and Platinum sagas.

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7. Its Pokemon, so I don't care

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@Hazlenaut: When did I say they were on Jupiter, and I may not have been serious but I can't say.

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@KnightRise: Ah yes I do not like with the diamond and pearl series for the character Hareta and Platinum is a meh in the second book. They were both Mary Sueish and make me think Pokemon Adventures fans need to admit that their character or moment are worst than the cartoon.

@joshmightbe: It may not be serious but you said it.

@joshmightbe said:

@Fuchsia_Nightingale: They're trying to have us believe that a kid has gone all over the planet, mostly walking, taking multiple days long stops and had the time to train his guys, has all happened in one year. Do they live on Jupiter?

I thought I should admit the idea came from your statement.

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@Hazlenaut: Ahh, that was meant mostly as sarcasm because a year on Jupiter is around 12 Earth years. 11.86 to be exact

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Given that any other possibility would imply creativity on the part of people who created the stupid garbage that is pokemon this is the only true answer:

@Hazlenaut said:

  1. Lazy writing and no way out of it: if want to take the lazy way out and can not think of a clever solotion
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@crom_cruach: The idea capturing train monsters instead of slaying them is not clever?

You know why the question is asked as other have children that will never grow up. We think when there is that episode that shows the character’s growth. Those episodes will stick to us. In Pokémon the showing of growth is constantly seen. Whenever they show the badges we see the growth whenever they remind us that Ash was trainer from Pallet it show how far he has been. Ash has a counter set up that is impossible to ignore.

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Plot twist: Ash is a pokemon.

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@vaccine: It wouldn't be the first time.

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