Ultimate Asgard question

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SO I'm a little bit behind on my Ultimate Marvel, and I have a question. After reading Ultimate Comics The Ultimates (which I greatly enjoyed and recommend) I would like to know why Asgard appears to be facing upside to Earth in the skies apparently over Europe. Can anyone explain why it's like this right now?  

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@heroesneedbeards: I was just looking back over my ultimate comics, and it was said in Ultimate Thor that asgard was destroyed by Ragnorak in a war with the frost giants, Thor was reincarnated as a human, though he got memories of being a god, he was then chosen for the European super solider program by his brother Balder, who was also reincarnated. This gave Thor back his powers. Balder also stated that Odin said that Asgard would be reborn, which it was in ultimate fallout #3, no real reason was given for it other than Odin foretold it...

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