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'Young Justice' Episode 34 "Satisfaction" Clips and Images

Young Justice returns with Roy Harper seeking vengeance.

It's time for the return of Young Justice. This Saturday on Cartoon Network, DC Nation returns this Saturday, September 29, starting at 10:00 a.m. ET/PT. You can also catch a new episode of Green Lantern: The Animated Series along with the DC Universe shorts.

In the next all-new episode of Young Justice, "Satisfaction," Roy Harper is seeking vengeance against the man who ruined his life.

Check out these video clips and images courtesy of Warner Bros. Entertainment and Cartoon Network.

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Posted by laflux

Decent enough episode to be honest. I expected a cool-down episode if i'm honest. Would have like to see aqualad but aw well

Posted by BoyWander

We have Arsenal now and Jason was more like foreshadowing than just a little cameo. They better get into something similar to RedHood and the Outlaws later! So excited for this half of the season.

Posted by soccersss

Young justice is back and just in time. I thought I would have a lot of catching up to do since I didn't watch tv /use computer for a well. I wonder how people are going to react to the Artemis "death" when it is finally revealed whats really going on. So many people have been greatly affected by her "death"

Posted by X9

Crap, did anybody find it on youtube?

I can't find it...

Posted by soduh2

Hopefully we'll see static in the next episode.

Posted by Underachiever007
Posted by FanofUltraman

This was surprisingly dark for a Saturday morning cartoon.

Posted by YoungJustice

@Hunter114 said:

Nice little easter egg, though he's not (to my knowledge) worked on Young Justice: Nollan Obena

Also... in the third image, who is the character between Jason Todd and Ted Kord... my guess would be Terra, but I'm not sure... and further also... why is Ted Kord in the Young Justice / Teen Titans' "hall of fallen heroes" and not the Justice Leagues'?

Tula, Aquagirl.

Posted by vernierhawk001

@Nightflame said:

Aside from all of that, do you really think that Red Hood will make an appearance? I mean, he is a pretty violent character at times...although it would be cool to see him included in something for once. If they DO let Red Hood make an appearance though, I think there should be at least two episodes focusing completly on the Bat Family for that, so that all of the details and relationships between Red Hood, Nightwing, Robin, Batman, and/or Batgirl etc. are clearly stated and Jason can be asserted more clearly. I would SO watch that, and the show would then be more accurate. My only question is how does one explain to the younger viewers of the show how Jason died and came back to life without permanently psychologically scarring the kid/ overloading the kid's brain with Bat information, ultimatly causing a meltdown to last the ages? And what about the all the important people in charge of the show and Cartoon Network, can they successfully air Jason Todd without causing the show to take a dreadful downfall in the fan sector or worse, causing the show to get cancelled? (If they can't do Todd right, they should just leave him out of it. A true failure would be to misrepresent him.) This could just be me overreacting, but still, how?

I don't (at least not now) but moreso because his appearance would actually detract from the main storyline at the moment unless they revamp his character so that the Reach reanimate him or something like that. As for the future of the series, who can tell? I didn't think Todd would appear at all for the reason stated above and we all see how wrong I was