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'Young Justice' and 'Green Lantern' Cancelled by Cartoon Network?

Say it ain't so!

Many of us saw this coming, but that doesn't make this any less heartbreaking! Cartoon Network's latest press release lists new and returning shows and unfortunately fan favorites Young Justice and Green Lantern aren't on it! First the unexplained delay, now this? I'll let that sink in and give you a moment or two to vent.

Despite being widely loved by comic fans, the two animated shows didn't appear on the list. Instead, Teen Titans Go! and Beware the Batman made the cut.

This is very disappointing news, especially after Green Lantern shocked us with such a powerful episode ("Loss"). Viners, this is where I usually ask you to sound off, but I think a moment of silence is more appropriate.

Source: Deadline, Bleeding Cool

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Posted by RazzaTazz

@jesusdisciple001 said:


Congrats on getting the quest I guess, but if you really want to get the quest, post whatever you want, then edit in something substantial.

Posted by Pilgs

I'm so disappointed with Cartoon Network you can keep a show like Star Wars on and yet a show with brilliant characters good story lines and always wanting more is gone! Young justice (I raise my glass) or as my fellow Americans mite say pour out a little liquor. :0(

Posted by x_29


Posted by Stormbox

@GothamRed said:

So I guess I'm the only one who can't stop smiling?

Thankfully, yes

Posted by Teerack
Posted by CaptainSpider91

Sign here please!

Don't let this fantastic show go the way of Spectacular Spider-Man and Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes!

Posted by jadasick

i'm banning my daughter for ever watching cartoon network. we loved that show!!!! :-(

Posted by War Killer

While I'm disappointed to see Young Justice go but, after all the delays the show has had due to CN, I can't say I'm surprised.
Thankfully I still have Star Wars: The Clone Wars to watch.

Posted by gravitypress
Posted by jazz1987


Posted by fables87

What the hell happened to Cartoon Network? Seriously? The only good thing one Cartoon Network these days is Adult Swim. Everything else I find incredibly annoying. Yes Adventure Time and Regular show I find annoying. I miss the 90s cartoons!

Posted by thenexusrebound

I hate that they are cancelling YJ. I was hoping that we would get a DC Nation version of Red Hood and the Outlaws the way that Arsenal is on the show. It doesn't help that it was taken from Friday night with Star Wars to being put on Saturday morning. CN seems to be bleeding out shows though since they will be losing Star Wars as well.

Posted by laflux

That really rustled my jimmies :(

Posted by MrDirector786

Screw you, Cartoon Network.

Posted by Gambit1024


Posted by logy5000

Cartoon Network sucks anyway.

Posted by maruko101

THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS. Here's a petition link:

Posted by MightyMODOK

Damn! I liked Young Justice! And Teen Titans Go! That sounds like crap.

Edited by Fantasgasmic

sigh, granted Young Justice hasn't been good for the past few episodes, but other than the indulgent elseworlds-y Steam Lantern episode, GL:TAS had a pretty steady arc from pretty bad to quite good. This is pretty sad, especially considering how crazy non-canon Beware the Batman looks.

Sigh, I'm still wishing we could've gotten that CG Batgirl show teased on the finale of Brave and the Bold.

Posted by AMP - Seeker of Lost Knowledge


Posted by NightFang

I'm sick of this crap! Every time there's a good it gets cancelled, so i'm done with Disney XD, Nickelodeon and now Cartoon Network!

Posted by JamDamage

so the seasons won't even end. that's crap.

Posted by SmashBrawler

@cc1738 said:

Cartoon Network is a pile of sh*t. They should fold as a network for their stupid decisions. Beware of the Batman looks retarded and Teen Titans go is annoying.

Damn fcking straight.

Posted by Alchemax_7


Posted by BoyWander

Well done CN, You've delivered your final blow to a show you've been trying to kill for three years now. Good job. Now we can all enjoy the hilarity that is Annoying Orange and your new show, The Incredible Crew… You should be ashamed of yourselves.

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Cartoon Network about that bullsh*t now

Posted by Misterwizz

Not only am I’m not happy, but I think cartoon network cancelled not because of ratings but because they didn’t care for it.

Well I guess there goes my watching CN. Hope you happy executives at cartoon network; you just lost a viewer dumbasses.

Posted by AmazingWebHead

I..."pissed off" doesn't even begin to describe how I am feeling. I honestly thought that if this happened, it'd be because of DC and not Cartoon Network, so, that makes it even worse. Young Justice was the best DC show I've ever seen, and Green Lantern was no let down either. Now they're gone to make room for a show that's already lived it's time and they're just trying to force back, and a Batman show everyone already hates. I mean, Cartoon Network just got rid of one of the few good shows it had left. This just...BEYOND the known levels of rage.

Posted by RoTheKid

I'm sorry to see Young Justice and Green Lantern go! :(

Posted by ArtisticNeedham

Young Justice gone?

1st Spider-Man, then Avengers, now Young Justice and Green Lantern? What gives? Popular cartoons are unimportant?

Posted by Alchemax_7

My rage compels me to do nasty things to CN... I comply.

Posted by JillGr

I'm so tired of this bullshit.... what's the point in even getting into a good comic related show anymore? they always just go and cancel.... I'm honestly so pissed and sad right now.... fucking bullshit, dude

Posted by Alchemax_7
Posted by cheeseman113

FU cartoon network

Posted by Compa

Noooooooooooooo, we need Young Justice...

Posted by scarspider

these are the only 2 good shows that they have and they're cancelling them?! Is the world now just aiming for everything to be sub-par and mediocre? Honestly these shows (especially Young Justice) is too good to be on Cartoon Network on Saturday mornings. They should move them to Adult Swim or sell them to a network like Spike TV or FX. Obviously it's not the 90s when there were good Sat morning tv shows with a great storyline and characterization. Based on the rest of the crap Cartoon Network puts on, Young Justice and Green Lantern do not belong there anyhow. Way to prove how crappy you are Cartoon Network...

Posted by Mojo65

YJ and GL: Apparently gone

Clone Wars: off CN

What really is left on that channel in terms of quality Action animation?

Posted by sweatboy

Rhas Al Ghul took the Match clone, sort of hinting at a fight between Match and SB, Deathstroke has appeared, and luthor + savage are planning on making their own team. Stuff is JUST starting to get good. I was hoping to see Inertia and some rekindling between SB and martian girl. I was hoping to even see Kyle Raynor? Idk. This is Nuckin' Futts!

Posted by Duuz-Diz-Din

WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE!?!?! I finally had a reason to watch Saturday morning cartoons and now this! Screw you, Cartoon Network!

Posted by Kiddevil

I will go on a f*ckin' rampage now!

Posted by Stormbox

The worst part is that theyre giving us crap in return... i wouldnt have minded a new justice league show

Posted by Jason_X22

Kick to the the nuggets while wearing these...


Posted by The Umbra Sorcerer

YES Young Justice is finally gone!!! I can't understand why people love it so much.

Posted by DestineSavior

Seriously!! What the fuck Cartoon Network!?

Posted by MuyJingo

Green Lantern getting cancelled makes no's poorly written, with cheap's fine if you're a kid, but it is a forgettable show. Not notable in the least.

Young Justice on the other amazing, and a decent successor to the Bruce Timm/Paul Dini stuff. It's a quality DCU animated show, and it's a shame to see that it won't go further.

Posted by dccomicsrule2011

Cartoon Network sucks.

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@Mojo65 said:

YJ and GL: Apparently gone

Clone Wars: off CN

What really is left on that channel in terms of quality Action animation?

Nothing,Except Nickelodeon's TMNT cartoon.YJ got me back into cartoon's...and.....and

Posted by MatKrenz

@The Umbra Sorcerer: Then go away.

Posted by lifeboy

Thanks k4tz4n. Your right, im glad I heard its here first. Than tuning in on saturday and not seeing it on.