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'Young Justice' and 'Green Lantern' Cancelled by Cartoon Network?

Say it ain't so!

Many of us saw this coming, but that doesn't make this any less heartbreaking! Cartoon Network's latest press release lists new and returning shows and unfortunately fan favorites Young Justice and Green Lantern aren't on it! First the unexplained delay, now this? I'll let that sink in and give you a moment or two to vent.

Despite being widely loved by comic fans, the two animated shows didn't appear on the list. Instead, Teen Titans Go! and Beware the Batman made the cut.

This is very disappointing news, especially after Green Lantern shocked us with such a powerful episode ("Loss"). Viners, this is where I usually ask you to sound off, but I think a moment of silence is more appropriate.

Source: Deadline, Bleeding Cool

Posted by Ash The Flash

YJ was the closest I had to a print comic since Justice League Unlimited! I would pay to see more episodes!!!

Posted by Moby

This is some booty!!!! First they stop showing cartoons 24/7 on cartoon network; who's ever at the top needs to be fired!! The few popular shows that they have on their network the get rid of they could have a least finished the season; I hope the HUB, Disney XD, or Boomerang get a hold of these shows. These shows don't deserve to go out like this. Cartoon network is trying to lose ratings. I may be one of Batman's biggest fans but this just isn't right; I thought they would have the good sense to add these shows to GL and Y. Justice. I'm so disappointed but not surprise.

Posted by Vaccine


Edited by TheSwordsman

More proof that cartoon network is run by morons. Green lantern being cancelled doesn't bother me at all. But Young Justice was a good show and showed a lot of diversity as did Justice League and Justice League Unlimited, which was so good the CW plays its reruns for it's saturday morning line-up.

Who is making these dumb decisions? I say we all send emails and Boycott CN.

Posted by deadpool25mm

@Mbecks14 said:

DC Nation Fans you have great Rage in your hearts...Welcome to the Red Lantern Corps !
Posted by RedHood1110

That is so not mode... here's to you, YJ. You will be missed.

Posted by Skewer

I really enjoyed those shows and now I feel like my hearts been ripped out. I don't see the reason for making teen titans go an animated show since there were other shorts which were much more popular than those shorts like plastic man, super best friends forever, animal man and the batman of shanghai. I've seen the polls and these shorts completely out paces the teen titans go shorts and I really don't want to see beware the batman, I'm more interested in green lantern and other stuff right now and I never cared for professor pyg and mr toad in the comics.

Posted by HoodlumNoHavoc

I support the youth, but I hate this generation. When Ben 10 and Annoying Orange has more ratings than these stellar shows, you know kids are looking up to the wrong heroes. Hopefully Warner Bros release the rest on DVD. What a shame..

Posted by WaveMotionCannon

If its true thus is complete and utter BULLSH*T!!

Posted by fodigg

I like the idea of more TTG!, but cutting Young Justice? Wtf?

Posted by FrankenKong

With the direction Young Justice was was no where but down. Even though the show still had potential to turn over a new leaf and bring back fans. They just and Young Just-ended it already. Alas, poor Superboy...I knew ye well.

Posted by IsmoOC

I'm going to miss Young Justice... :(

Cartoon Network, Are you f/(&(ing serious? Teen Titans Go? WTF!!!!!!!!!!! How could they cancel YJ, but support TTG?

Posted by garrettsgonewild

It's like cartoon network doesn't want any viewers..... cancelled one of the best things that could possibly happen to this network..... this is just depressing

Posted by VagrantSaint


I hate this!!! These were the shows that my daughter and I would bond over. Those, and another defunct CN show, Thundercats.

What the holy &*#@ Cartoon Network!! It's like you hate money or something.

Posted by red_titan

I have nothing to live for anymore.

Posted by evilvegeta74

Boycott cartoon Network is the answer pass it on, start the damn petition now! WTS is this ! How couyld they after the BS delay of the shows, whatever man, Avengers EMH cancelled and this , c'mon man this is BS,Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Call in Vegeta to blow up Marvel and Dc for allowing all this to happen, he will show them mercy : someone must pay!

Posted by molotovzav

@Reignmaker: Kids stations have older kids, tweens, and teen blocks, dc nation could of been a teen block but its understandable that kids (idk how stop so much stuff for kids) can somehow spend more money than adults :/ weird, last time I remembered having a job and spending ludicrous amounts of cash on nerd swag, which had to account to more than my 5 year old cousins ipad. Idk even think the toy market is that thriving to justify kids running everything. They don't cancel adult swim, and it is still technically on cartoon network, just at a time "when kids shouldn't be awake" even though now being 22, I still remember late nights as a kid staying up to watch adult swim. So I mean kids are watching family guy and Robot Chicken, but they won't watch a genuinely good show on in the morning about superheroes.......*cries lol jk* Sorry for ranting but I don't think the children show is legitimate, when I was a kid we had X-Men cartoons and that dealt with very adult concepts but yet it was on in the morning in a kids slot. Usually superhero shows cross the age gap, parents can watch them with their kids. So I don't think age was the issue, it obvious there wasn't enough ratings, prob only fans like myself, were watching, whereas normal kids are only tuning in for adventure time or w/e stupid shit they watch.

Posted by Lightburst

So Maybe Young justice can just have all its episodes put on Itunes or something so we can finish this season. or another channel pick the show up....maybe.

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

The hell is Cartoon Network's problem as of late? Seriously. Mark my words, Beware the Batman is gonna fail and then CN will realize what a big mistake they made here.

Posted by Miss_Garrick

I'm not surprised. CN and Disney XD/Marvel have been COMPLETE UTTER S.O.B.S when it comes to awesome superhero cartoons! They don't care how many people watch. They don't care how big the ratings are. THEY ARE TOTAL JERKWADS!!!!!

I curse their names!!

Posted by ThanosIsMad

Cartoon Network is stupid.

Posted by CrimsonAlchemist

@TheSwordsman:Dude Adult Swim gets so many ratings at least when it comes to the Adult Stuff they got it.

Posted by redhoodx

F@*K Cartoon network!!!!!!!!! I Officially will not watch any show that airs on there station, Who With Me?

Posted by BlueLanternBeast

Nooooo! I love young justice

Posted by CrimsonAlchemist

It's hilarious in The Hub they still play Bruce Timms old 90's stuff lol

Posted by Nightw BR
Posted by Crom-Cruach

Can't say I'm sad young justice didn't impress me and I didn't like the GL show much

Posted by dondave


Posted by ThanosIsMad

Seriously, canceling these shows is stupid. There's no reason why they can't cut back on the What's New Scooby Doo reruns (they show that crap more than the superior Mystery Inc cartoon) and make DC Nation a two hour block and air all four shows

Posted by JilldangerJ


Posted by YdurZatara

Sign the petition. And tell others to the same!

Posted by TylerTheDestroyer

This make's no sense why make create a segment called DC Nation and then CAN it's only two and best shows,now i'm hoping Beware the BatMan will be good but with the way things are going if is good Cartoon network will probably tank it,Its like networks think that cartoons should be mindless kids don''t want mindless they love the stories the action the problems,this is truly messed up i'm afraid if i tell my little brother he'll cry think break it to him gently.

Posted by braynehurricane

This news legitimately ruined my day. God, Cartoon Network drives me nuts. First they got rid of the excellent Thundercats. Now both Young Justice and Green Lantern? Young Justice, at least from my research, even seems to have been getting a good viewership. Better than at least a few of the other shows they're renewing.

I could understand making room for new shows to an extent. The fact remains though that they're bringing in a continuation of a show that's already had five seasons and a movie, with Teen Titans Go! (not to mention dumbing down the animation) and putting out another Batman show. Of which there's been at least three prominent ones already. Green Lantern has only gotten one season and now it's canned? It just isn't right.

Posted by Angryjason

This is a link to a Petition Please bring the shows back

Posted by edwardx1

That they would cancel such a good show like Young Justice... it really breaks my heart.

Posted by Ganthetsward20

I'm so pissed by this news. These were great shows and I am not watching the teen titans shit they've come up with if its going to continue as it was. It needs to be more dramatic and less silly. Like say YOUNG JUSTICE! And Batman might be good but it seems like its veering far from comics and such. I dont think I'm going to enjoy either of these.

Posted by lordgawain

Runied my day as well. Both of these shows were great. Ill prob watch batman as dc generally makes good animated shows. But not teen titans go, maybe only when i need a laugh

Posted by Angryjason

This is a link to a petition for the show Help bring it back

Posted by Angryjason

This is a link to a petition for the show Help bring it back

Posted by Metron144

Annnd we're done. First symbionic titan, now they're axing both GL and YJ. Fuck cartoon network. I will not even bother watching anything on that channel. If the show is quality and made by ACTUAL animators and story tellers, you can expect CN to just cancel it. Remember back in the fall when CN just yanked the dc universe block with NO EXPLAINATION? Yeah, i was waiting for this shoe to drop. I'm done with that channel. Adult swim has been ass ever since they stopped showing animation and started making fakeass jackass shows and stoner shows. (tom and eric? what the fuck is that bullshit?!)

Posted by TheSwordsman

@CrimsonAlchemist said:

@TheSwordsman:Dude Adult Swim gets so many ratings at least when it comes to the Adult Stuff they got it.

Everything on adult swim is terrible. And that's what a boycott does: it reduces their ratings.

Posted by FearTheLiving

Start watching AEMH they cancel it, I then turn my attention to Young Justice they cancel it... I'm getting the feeling I should stop watching good shows, maybe all the bad ones will get canceled.

Posted by Metron144


You basically hit the nail on the head. If it's a good show on cartoon network, it's already cancelled. Luckily Avatar is only on nickelodeon.

Posted by Casval

I'm not surprised at all for Young Justice since we know that the first and the second season are a complete story. Cartoon Network ordered 46 episodes and they're gonna air all of them. They are not cancelling it, they are not renewing it, big difference.

But I have to say I'm a bit disapointed with Green Lantern, I knew CN ordered only 26 episodes (here again complete story) but I hoped they could renew it. I was too naive I think.

Posted by kuma_far

@spinningbirdcake said:

This, only that up to eleven.... Why Cartoon Network cancels the series I like, like the 2011 Thundercats,,,,

Posted by xlab3000

Cartoon Network is so pathetic

Posted by Bobsjonjon

It never about the true fans anymore. This is so disappointing.

Posted by DMXN


Why did they have to take the best of the shows. Young Justice you shall be AVENGED.

Posted by nakobass

OH MAN, It doesn't really effect me that much, but man is my girlfriend going to HATE THIS. She was just complaining about the Hiatus, now this. Guess I'll break the news to her on our way to the Comic Convention.

Posted by SupremeHyperion

this is a stupid we really need another batman animated series..... why wouldn't they want to expand their brand (and cartoons is one of the best ways to do this). bad move DC