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X-Men: Regenesis - Uncanny X-Force Teaser Reveals Surprising New Member

There was speculation over a new member joining but this isn't what we expected.

Marvel has been releasing several X-Men: Regenesis teaser. Each one features one character revealed while the other characters are hidden in silhouettes in the background. Schism is said to shake things up and result in a change in team rosters across the board. Now it looks like this roster change could have an affect on Uncanny X-Force as well. With the current story arc, there was speculation that possibly Jean Grey from the Age of Apocalypse world might return with the X-Force team.

We can probably assume who the three shadowed figures are, unless Marvel is being really clever and tricky, it appears to be Psylocke, Deadpool and Fantomex. But at the bottom...Age of Apocalypse Nightcrawler?!? Very interesting. What are your thoughts? We'll have to wait until December for this.




Variant Cover by NICK BRADSHAW


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Posted by MattDemers

Hurm. Is Uncanny X-Force going to be the new "Exiles?"

Posted by jordanbines

WHAT!!!!  Also;

Posted by redwingx

Nightcrawler?  isn't he dead?

Posted by spikevalentine

They can do whatever they want as long as it's awesome as it has been!!!

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

I remember a while ago some one had said something about the  Age of Apocalypse Nightcrawler turning up in the main Uni, kind of like dark beast.

Posted by spaceboy
@redwingx said:
Nightcrawler?  isn't he dead?
Posted by TheGoldenOne
A lot of people saw this coming.
Posted by longbowhunter

I love Uncanny X-Force. I love Age of Apocalypse. How can this not be a good thing?
Posted by johnnie619


Posted by Dernman

Fantomex is there.

Posted by Namor1987
Please never compare Exiles to Uncanny X-Force. Just because they've got 1 Age of Apocalypse member doesn't mean they're the Exiles. Uncanny X-Force is like the mutants blacks op kills squad not alternate reality repairmen plus a majority of their missions have taken place in the 616 main reality. 
Posted by jubilee042
@obifsda789: what? 
i love uncanny xforce so i don't mind but i saw this coming
Posted by DefaultProphet

That's pretty rad

Posted by Baddamdog

Hmm, no more Angel?

Posted by papad1992

I knew it I knew it and I called it too!!!!
Posted by Namor1987
@spaceboy said:

                @redwingx said:

                Nightcrawler?  isn't he dead?
Not in AoA he's fine but in  616 he got killed by Bastion towards the end of Second Coming he & Rogue were shown defending Hope in a battle & Bastion attacked Hope & Nightcrawler teleported in front of her thus having Bastion's cybernetic arm logged in him & teleported to the shores of Utopia & died.
Posted by MoonstoneEvil


Posted by WildStyle

I knew it! He's going to fit right in. Angel not being there is pretty interesting.

Posted by ironshadow

Awesome, I wish they would bring Age of Apocalypse Jean Grey in the 616 universe.

Posted by Mr. Dead Pool

Deadpool, Psylock, Fantomex, AOA Nightcrawler, what do I win?

Posted by MYX

Disgusted. I love Nightcawler 616.

Posted by Dernman

OMG Wolverine isn't actually in a book anymore? The world is coming to an end.
Figures they would take him out of the one book I think he actually belongs in.

Posted by MiraTheGoddess

Does the AOA Nightcrawler's personality differ from the Earth-616 personality? I've never read AOA, so I'm just curious. 

Posted by Shrekpop
@ironshadow said:
Awesome, I wish they would bring Age of Apocalypse Jean Grey in the 616 universe.
My guess its her flying on this one
Posted by mk111

Deadpool? Now this will sell well.
Posted by SladeRogers
Actually, I kinda like the concept of AoA Nightcrawler being a member of X-Force. It won't be the same as having their original Kurt, but I think it'll be interestimng to see how he and Deadpool react to one another seeing as how AoA Nightcrawler can simply boast about killing Deadman Wade and is very willing to kill as we've seen. So, to me, he'd fit right in with the team... But, the emotional and mental trauma Psylocke, Wolverine, and Warren (if they manage to save him) will suffer probably won't be to accepting.
Posted by Sir Duke
@Dernman: I'm sure he's still in the book.  Since all the teasers line up to form a single image, you can't have Wolverine appearing in multiple teasers (even if Wolverine can be in more places at once than Jamie Madrox)
Edited by Dernman
@Sir Duke: This would probably make people mad but I would like him out of the Avengers.
X-Men: ok but not as leader.
X-Force: Yes 
Avengers: no
No other book that's it.
Posted by goldenkey
he kills, so that's a big YES. 
Posted by Dedpool

AoA Nightcrawler was always one of my favs. Nice addition!
Posted by MiraTheGoddess
@goldenkey: So I take it he's not gonna be the fun-loving Kurt that I'm used to?
Edited by Lokheit

Hummmmm don't know how I feel about this one. 
I love 616 Nightcrawler. I think that AoA Nightcrawler is cool and fits on a killer team. 
But I'm not in favor of bringing characters that already exist on 616 from another dimension. Rachel Summers doesn't have a counterpart, you can count X-Man as unique (even though he is "technically" cable, but the way they were conceived was very different), and while I more or less accept the existence of Dark Beast on 616 universe, I don't know how I feel about this. 
I guess he can be very cool to write in a team like that, and maybe somehow with time Wolverine converts him to a moral position the same way 616 Kurt Wagner converted him. 
Maybe there is a way to put 616 Kurt's soul on AoA Kurt's body??

Edited by EdwardWindsor

Will be intresting to see if this is the actual team and not Marvel just throwing us a curve ball. If its true great if its not still gonna be reading Xforce anyways.

Posted by badaboop


Posted by kagato

So Wolverine and Archangel are out? I dunno...i kinda liked Angel being in there, Wolverine i can take or leave, interesting to see how this develops though

Posted by Bestostero

Angel should be in this :(

Posted by U R Sofa King We Todd Did

i can't wait to see some decapitation/teleportaion

Posted by DPNugget

words cannot describe how excited i am for this

Posted by Namor1987

AoA Nightcrawler fits because isn't he more into killing plus I had a thought about this along time when I bought my Second Coming poster I hope Archangel & Wolverine come back.  But stealth is exactly what they need & Psylocke kinda brings it but Nightcrawler can contort his body, blend in with shadows, teleport & has those crazy acrobatic skills that allow him to get into places others can't.
Posted by MrLeadFoot

Age of Apocalypse Nightcrawler!!! This is the first teaser I'm excited for!

Posted by cagedleo730

Wolverine will be in the Uncanny X-Force book. Don't be fooled by him not being on the cover. This is one of those interconnected cover deal they're doing. Kinda like the Schism interconnected variants. Everyone on those covers are on that book but there will be people in more than 1 book (ex. Wolverine, Cyclops, Emma, Magneto)

Posted by The Impersonator


Posted by jordama


Posted by Overlander

. . . As long as Nightcrawler is the leader, this is ab fab.

Posted by x_lover1

AWESOME!!!! Nightcrawler's back in black!

Posted by Or35ti

sweet. When I read the headline I thought it might have been Cyclops but getting Kurt back (even if it is AoA Kurt) is much sweeter

Posted by pspin

This is fine by me, I have faith in Remender, this will be good. Also i wonder if Schism will effect them, i doubt it because the book is so popular but that would be a cool twist. 
This image also reminds me that Wolverine is in two separate realities at the same time, that must be a convienent power
Posted by doordoor123
@Mr. Dead Pool said:
Deadpool, Psylock, Fantomex, AOA Nightcrawler, what do I win?

Nothing but hopelessness.
Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

AoA Nightcrawler is awesome. But yes I pretty much think that has to be Deadpool. Fantomex and Psylocke in the background. Have to be.

Posted by thanobomb1124

I love most of the x-team, but not sooo much this team