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X-Men: Regenesis - 'Choose Your Team' Reveal Teaser 8

Here it is, the final teaser reveal. Did Marvel save the biggest surprises for last?

After being teased for weeks, we finally have a complete idea of who will be choosing which side. Yesterday we saw the final line up for the Blue team. Finally, here is the last teaser for the Gold team.

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It doesn't really look like there are any major surprises. Fantomex on X-Force was a given. I assume that's Marvel Girl (Rachel) on Rogues' team. Longshot and Polaris make sense on X-Factor. And it's great to see Madrox is still on the team. He doesn't look too happy though. Wonder if there's going to be some debate over whether he or Havok lead the team.

Did I miss anyone? Anybody hiding between someone's legs? Are you satisfied or surprised by the choices made?

== TEASER ==

Here was yesterday's full Blue team reveal if you missed it.

Here's the individual comic creative teams.


Written by JASON AARON

Art & Cover by CHRIS BACHALO

Variant Cover by NICK BRADSHAW

FOC – 10/3/11, ON SALE – 10/26/11

X-MEN LEGACY #259 (SEP110604)

Written by MIKE CAREY


Cover by CLAY MANN

Variant Cover by NICK BRADSHAW





Variant Cover by NICK BRADSHAW



Written by PETER DAVID


Variant Cover by NICK BRADSHAW


Edited by Lokheit

Ughhhhh that girl is there... 
At least I got right my other predictions. And that thing was Polaris foot and not Madrox jacket at the end. Cool new look for Rachel. 
But again... Idie? With Iceman? And as focal point of the 4 covers??

Posted by longbowhunter

Madrox, Longshot and Polaris. I figured as much as of yesterday. So who is gonna die in X-Factor #227? Looks like everybody is still kickin' in #230.
Posted by LB70145

I am glad to see Idie is on Wolverine's Team. Good choices all around.

Posted by bingbangboom

Who is the girl behind Wolverine and is that really Rachel that looks weird?

Posted by G-Man

@Lokheit: Which girl? This one?

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

Is it just me or does all the males in x-factor look like clones of each other but with different hair?

Posted by Dernman

I knew that was Rachel Summers.  I'm glad Madrox is still there but damn that team has a lot of people. 
Havok better not take control of the team. What's that by Havok's legs it looks like a foot?

Posted by halbpro

Psylocke playing both sides will be interesting. Know it's been said before but I hate how Wolverine looks, just wrong.

Posted by frozenedge

Where is everybody seeing Idie because I don't see her?

Posted by SC


Posted by Lokheit
@G-Man: lol, I didn't expect that xD 
But I was really hoping it wasn't her. I mean, if you already have Iceman on that team, who is an omega mutant based on ice, half of Idie set becomes insignificant and redundant. I never liked the concept of that character, we have seen that ice+fire stuff too many times: 
And I don't think she is relevant enough to be the entire background of 4 covers :S
Posted by xerox_kitty

Polaris is back on X-Factor!  Huzzah!!  They need to get her a more 'normal' looking hero outfit... Terry & Money need to take her shopping ;)
(And I'm dropping New Mutants)

Posted by longbowhunter
I think thats Layla's shoe.
Posted by Thunderscream

Ok, why is Idie wearing a schoolgirl uniform? AND why does Rachel look like Loa? That jacket with the spikes is silly. I was hoping Rachel was the one projecting the fire and that the last reveal of Rogue's team would be something way out of left field, like Lifeguard or Thunderbird III or Adam X....

Edited by millersoak

Well, didn't exactly see this coming. I suppose that's Idie behind Wolverine. But they "cleverly" made her power signature less like that seen in Generation Hope (fire and ice) and more like that of Phoenix. I guess the idea was to throw us off or get our hopes up that Phoenix-Jean was returning. I feel used...! And how did Idie go from being a thirteen year old girl to a (rather "developed") eighteen year old overnight?
And I'm kinda liking the new Marvel Girl-Rachel outfit. It looks kind of odd, but I think it is more in keeping with her character/history than that green 60s miniskirt. I guess the latest adventure in space is going to leave her a scarred or rather reveal the scars (hound marks) she already has.Good to see her back in any event. I've always like her since Excalibur. 
X-Factor, I'm a little surprised about. If someone really is going to die in upcoming issues, it clearly won't be a main character. I still think they need to kill off Longshot, Rictor, or Madrox. I guess it just proves my belief that nothing of importance happens in X-Factor (two pregancies but no babies, and no one becomes a parent; now "someone dies" but it's no one important). In any event, the team looks a little crowded. I wonder if they are going to still be an investigation firm. Having now eleven members plus however many dupes, the firm seems like way overkill. How much business can they possibly attract? Do they really need that much power for investigations? I'm one of those people who hasn't really liked the writing of X-Factor and I'm hoping that this means that the team will be more intergrated into the rest of the X-Universe. 
Overall, I'm liking the Gold teams a lot more than the Blue teams. They may nopt have as much raw power,but they have much more interesting characters. I especially like the Legacy lineup. Just the four of them (Rogue, Rachel, Gambit and Frenzy) would be a strong team in their own right! 
I'm still waiting to see if there is not a fifth panel with the New/Young X-Men. I can keep hoping...!
Posted by FadeToBlackBolt

I'll read Uncanny, X-Force and X-Factor, that'll do me. 

Posted by Dernman
@longbowhunter said:
@Dernman: I think thats Layla's shoe.
Wow that's seriously out of proportion.  Funny how everyone thought Polaris's hair was a hood.
Posted by Jake Fury

Uncanny, X-Men & X-Force for me.
Posted by GundamHeavyarms

Wait a minute, where's Warren, is he dead, or does X-force leave him behind in the future?

Posted by TheGoldenOne
Glad to see Lorna and Havok back.
Edited by WildStyle

Looks like the school is opening back up people. Idie is in a uniform.  Wolverine And The X-Men has a lot of potential right now.
All in all, good choices. I'm looking forward to the entire Gold side, while also picking up Generation Hope and maybe Uncanny. It's a good time to be a X-men fan.

Posted by Candylyn

After 6 years of running in the opposite direction whenever someone says X-Men I am coming back as a reader.  I cannot believe the X-Men (no adjective) line-up, I adore each and every character!  I am hope the spy angle is not true, maybe the Psylockes are actually to different Betsy's (616 and AoA).  More Betsy the better, yes?
Posted by Omertalvendetta
@frozenedge: She's behind Bobby Drake on Wolverine & the X-Men, she's the fiery "Storm" flying above in the background...
Posted by Omertalvendetta

Where's Xavier??

Posted by bookerman20

Ain't gone lie...regardless what Archangel is going through, he should be on a team.  So, this doesn't bode well for him in the Dark Angel Saga.  That X-Factor team is nasty!!!!!!  Kinda wished Storm was on Wolverine's squad....

Posted by longbowhunter
Maybe she is wearing a pair of those chunky sneakers we havent seen since the 90's. She is Layla Miller, she knows stuff. And she knows they're about to make a comeback!!!
Posted by Baddamdog

What the hell, Rachel looks awful!!! Plus I don't care for Idie. But yaaaay Polaris!

Posted by xkoenig
@Baddamdog said:
What the hell, Rachel looks awful!!! Plus I don't care for Idie. But yaaaay Polaris!
It's ok, Nick Bradshaw is only doing these as variant covers, he won't be doing any interior art.
Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

I thought I saw Toad between someone's legs there. I could be wrong though. At least we have the full reveal of what is to come up now. Bring it on!

Posted by n25philly

The blue team definitely wins on art, although I do have to give credit where credit is due.  This is the first time I've seen Bachalo "art" that doesn't look like it was done by a retarded monkey with a box of broken crayons.
If that had been Jean in the background I would have been excited, but now I'm kind of meh.

Edited by Dernman

X-Factor has too many members. How are they going to manage them all in a good book.

Posted by Gambit1024

...Where's Angel :( 
I can't take another death of an epic character :(

Posted by GoonFan_12

how did everyone know that was Idie behind Wolverine?  was it because her outfit and general appearance are different or that fact that I dropped Generation Hope after one book that I didn't make the connection?
now that the gang's all here, I feel like I can confidently say that Marvel has masterfully given each book someone I would buy just to see (going down the line - Nightcrawler, Beast, Rogue, Shatterstar, Psylocke, Colussus, and Moonstar) and and someone for whom I would give the only most vigorous indifference I can possibly muster (in the same order - Kid Omega, Rachel Summers, Strong Guy, Jubilee, Danger, and Cypher).
notice I have no qualms of X-Force.  that book is and will remain awesome.  and I didn't give any praise for Gen Hope.  that book is a snooze and even putting the Black King in the mix doesn't pique my interest.

Posted by xkoenig
@n25philly said:
The blue team definitely wins on art, although I do have to give credit where credit is due.  This is the first time I've seen Bachalo "art" that doesn't look like it was done by a retarded monkey with a box of broken crayons.  If that had been Jean in the background I would have been excited, but now I'm kind of meh.
Where is the Bachalo art? The Gold team cover is by Nick Bradshaw, the Blue Team is by Dale Keown.
Posted by cobra88king8

I was really hoping for AoA Jean to wind up on a team

Posted by zombietag
@Gambit1024 said:
...Where's Angel :(  I can't take another death of an epic character :(
just thinking those exact words...
Posted by Baddamdog
@xkoenig: I don't just mean the art, her costume and appearance is terrible! Plus I don't even know how Nick Bradshaw gets work
Posted by goldenkey

the shocker is no Wolverine in X-Force.  Glad Remender is staying on tho.
Posted by ironshadow

Who's the woman wearing blue and black behind Rogue ?

Posted by Dernman
@ironshadow said:
Who's the woman wearing blue and black behind Rogue ?
Posted by krazyman27

Kid Omega is stopping me from getting Wolverine and the X Men. He was unbelievably annoying in Schism and based on those issues I don't think Jason Aaron can write decent dialogue to save his life. I really like Bachalo's art (I might be the only one) but that isn't enough to get me to read this book. 
And where the heck is Cannonball?

Posted by Dernman
@krazyman27 said:
Kid Omega is stopping me from getting Wolverine and the X Men. He was unbelievably annoying in Schism and based on those issues I don't think Jason Aaron can write decent dialogue to save his life. I really like Bachalo's art (I might be the only one) but that isn't enough to get me to read this book.  And where the heck is Cannonball?
They wrote that Cannonball has PTS so I doubt he is going to be around. They have been hinting about it for a long time. It's because they want to give Danni a bump.
Posted by jcj145

So this is the full reveal? No X-23? No Cannonball? No Angel? And I thought there were supposed to be 2 characters coming from the AOA but I only see 1 in Nightcrawler.

Posted by flycatcher126
@millersoak: My hopes might be a little too high, but in my head I really feel like this Regenesis event would be the perfect place for Jean to make a comeback, on Wolvie's side. But alas, this might be why I don't write X-Books.
Posted by AgeofHurricane

And since WHEN could Idie fly ?.......................Still glad that she was the main focus out of all these teaser's, it'll be nice to see what she brings to the table.

Posted by Planewalker

The only good thing is Rachel is back. If she's there who needs Jean! Rachel is just as powerful as her mom ^_^

Posted by 0xymoron

So far I'll be picking up Wolverine and the X-Men, X-Factor, X-Force, and X-Men. The rest I'll pass.
Posted by AgeofHurricane
@Planewalker: She's not as loved.
Posted by Mutant God

Is the red head on rogue's team Loa and who is the girl in the uniform on behind Iceman
Posted by papad1992

Man Im was sooo right on my guesses... but still even though I love Strong Guy I was hoping that it would be he who dies and Random (an old ex-X-Factor member who was recently an Acolyote and now resisdent of Utopia and has the same build as Guido) would be his replacement!!! I would have loved that... But Im thinking the one who dies in X-Factor is Pip the annoying squirrel... I mean hobbit... I mean troll.... whatever!! He's technically apart of the team and his death would really mean nothing to me and possibly everyone else!! So kill the rabbit and lets get Havok and Polaris on the team!! :) 
Rachael actually looks badass, better than her past costume incarnations!! Besides her original Excalibur costume... that was pretty skin tight and awesome looking evey other costume she's had (that tacky green and yellow mini skirt with the tank top or her Starjammers uniform or the basic/ classic X-uniform)!!  
Im actually kind of happy and sad to see Idie there!! One because that means more development on her which sounds cool, and two because she's wearing a uniform (meaning maybe the school is back and that our previously loved New X-Men will be attending, hopefully... but a uniform... ewwwwwwww!!!) 
I'll give each title a go but probably hold back on Gen Hope... that book never sparked my interest besides characters like Laurie, Kenji, and Idie (but now that she's on Wolvie's team... Im hopeful) But Gen Hope seems like a waste of $$!! Even with the addition of the mysterious Sebastian Shaw...