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X-Men Producer Wanted Taylor Lautner in First Class

As a young Wolverine, maybe?

 C'mon... Shark Boy would fit right in with the first class.
Hm… Taylor Lautner in X-MEN: FIRST CLASS? I don’t know if that would’ve united or further divided the “Twi-hards” and X-fans at Comic Con.  According to Blastr,Bryan Singer wanted it to happen, as he’s actually friends with the TWILIGHT star, but Lautner was already busy committed to BREAKING DAWN and a movie called ABDUCTION. Since this is, of course, a “ What If…?” scenario, I suppose the next question is... which character would’ve this kid have played? Since he’s most famous for playing a werewolf, people are, of course, jumping to the conclusion that he would’ve been a young Wolverine. Even though Fox has been playing around with the ages and chronology in these movies, I really doubt that they were planning to go back on the notion of Logan being decades older than any of the X-Men. They just spent an entire movie establishing that.  Maybe even more than that, you’d figure they’d go to Hugh Jackman, since he’s pretty much been the face of this series.

E! actually asked Jackman about the Lautner rumors recently, and his response was priceless.

“My only question is… can he grow mutton chops? Actually, I think people would probably prefer him as a hairless Wolverine than a rather hairy-chested version. Certainly about a billion young girls would."

So if not Wolverine, than which mutant? I think it’s obvious. Launter would’ve played a superhero who’d already been adventuring since he was a kid. One who has all the aquatic abilities of a shark. == TEASER ==

Joblo’s also reporting that Meagan Good is another actor Singer’s had in mind for FIRST CLASS, although her casting is still “uncertain.” That site thinks she could be playing a younger version of Storm in the movie and I suppose I can see it. Good has quite an extensive filmography, but I know her best as the catty drama queen (is there any other kind?) in the teen noir, BRICK.  

-- Tom Pinchuk is the writer of UNIMAGINABLE for Arcana Studios and HYBRID BASTARDS! for Archaia. Pre-order the HYBRID BASTARDS! hardcover now on 

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Posted by EdwardWindsor

It couldnt be for you young wolverine, the backlash of such a stupid decision would be huge. Well i would hope so anyways.  Perhaps Hellion

Posted by sora_thekey

Um.... young Wolverine? no!
Why is Wolverine even being considered for the movie?!?!

Posted by The Jeff

Wolverine won't be in this movie

Posted by GothamBat

Hmmm....maybe a really young Warpath?

Posted by danhimself

every single piece of news released about this movie makes me dread it more and more....I don't care if Singer is directing it....for me the only good Marvel films have been the ones that were made by Marvel seems like all of the other studios involved with Marvel properties are intent on making the worst possible movies ever

Posted by ComicMan24

Wolverine shouldn't be in this movie.
Posted by CellphoneGirl
@ComicMan24 said:
" Wolverine shouldn't be in this movie. "
You stole my words :P
Posted by punisher1313

Why can't I escape Twilight?

Posted by Shadow_Thief

Inside Bryan Singer's brain: "'s been awhile since I worked on an X-Men film, but if remember correctly, Wolverine's only defining characteristic was his rippling six-pack, right? Lautner it is, then!"

Posted by RedRobin92

He may have been asked to play iceman, he could have been bobby drake. 

Posted by CrazyAsAFox
If he play's Wolverine there's bound to be a screw up..
Posted by ComicMan24
@xxCellPhoneGirlxx said:
" @ComicMan24 said:
" Wolverine shouldn't be in this movie. "
You stole my words :P "

Sorry, I can give them back if you like.
Posted by Kid_Zombie

Ha ha i love how people always jump to the worst conclutions. Wolverine for sure wont be in this. But i think he would have been Beast. he was rumored around the time they were looking for someone new and the rumor stopped after they found someone. Plus he has a very large history in martial arts so he could for sure pull off the flips and kicks.

Posted by Shadow_Thief
@CrazyAsAFox:  Friend, this entire film is shaping up to be a buffet of screwups.
Posted by Captain13

How about Warpath?

Edited by Shadow_Thief
@Captain13:  You know, you may be on to something there, although I think I'd actually like to see him play Thunderbird. He physically fits the role, and as he was frankly one of the more tolerable actors from this whole Twilight thing; if he can pull off a decent heroic death scene he might actually make a fan of me.
Posted by Captain13
@Shadow_Thief: Yeah, I just thought it made more sense for the universe they set up. Thunderbird would be great too. It helps that he's Native American.  Either way, he would probably have played the team bad boy, since Wolverine shouldn't be in this flick.
Posted by scorpius72

OMG! just when you thought youd have 1 xmen thing without Wolverine. i dont care who plays him (obviously its him becuase he will bring in girls and non comic audience) regardless, he will still  have a lions share of the screen time like the other films. its sort of insulting to think that xmen cannot function or are boring without this one character.  
they should change the name from XMEN:FIRST CLASS to XMEN: 50th ANNIVERSARY CLASS REUNION since everyone whos ever put on X spandex is in this mutant soup!    

Posted by cattlebattle

proceeds to shoot self in head
Posted by Joe Venom
@lazystudent said:
 "Perhaps Hellion "
that would be cool
Posted by Fade+

I dont think it would not be a good idea to have him at all , i mean he is cute and all dont get me wrong but he should just stick to twilight....
Posted by SupremoMaximo

I think it's in his contracts that he must not have a shirt on in 95% of the movie.  That'll make him Collossus circa 1987

Posted by The_Warlord

I'm starting to think this movie might just suck

Posted by War Killer
@danhimself said:
" every single piece of news released about this movie makes me dread it more and more....I don't care if Singer is directing it....for me the only good Marvel films have been the ones that were made by Marvel seems like all of the other studios involved with Marvel properties are intent on making the worst possible movies ever "

Posted by Shadow_Thief

 You know, this may just be because I'm severely sleep-deprived and being held upright solely by caffeine and chocolate-covered peanuts right now, but this whole train of thought is starting to take me to some pretty crazy places. Bear with me, for a moment...
Obviously, in an X-Men origin film, you need the Prof and Magneto, which they've got covered. However, since it's a prequel and not a reboot, they can't use the original 5 X-Men, gotta drop Iceman and Angel, as has been established. That leaves them Cyclops, Jean Grey, and Beast (check, check, and check). 
Since they can't use the original 5, the next logical thing to do is look at the 2nd X-Men team that was established in the comics. Colossus and Shadowcat have already been shown as part of the younger crowd, with Iceman, so they're out. Wolverine and Nightcrawler's introductions to the team were covered in the existing films, so they're out, too. That still leaves us Banshee (check), Storm (which would makes sense in relation to the existing films, as she's shown being one of the "adult" X-Men (along with Jean and Cyclops), Sunfire (Masa Oka or John Cho, possibly?), and Thuderbird. Not only would Lautner physically fit the part of Thunderbird, you can't tell me that watching a group of Twilight girls scream and run out of the theater when he dies on their first mission wouldn't be the greatest thing in the history of ever.
Now, it's been established that Emma Frost will be in this film, which has caused a great deal of consternation, because she didn't become one of the "good guys" until the Phalanx Covenant in the 90s. However, she was established as a villain long before that, so suppose they have her joining Magneto when he and Xavier have their ideological split? For that matter, they could set Magneto up as White King of the Hellfire club, which would make Frost's inclusion fit perfectly. As for Mystique, well, on a strictly pragmatic note, it is incredibly easy to shoehorn a shapeshifter into just about any story, especially one with her established longevity.
I'm probably going way out in left field with this, but I'd actually be willing to pay $8 to see this... 

Posted by Sheep-Kill

Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!  No person involved with Twilight should not be even 1000 feet near this film.

Posted by batmanboy11

Thank GOD he wasn't able to do it. Also, Jackman is 100000x better.
Posted by CrazyAsAFox
@Shadow_Thief: I couldn't agree more with you on that
Posted by Icon

Don't worry people, it isn't happening, and speculating on how bad this casting choice could have been when it is in fact not happening is kinda pointless. 

Posted by Braxxis7

This just proves how fox has no idea what their doing with this movie.
Posted by joshmightbe

Its because fox apparently desperately wants to kill the xmen franchise 

Posted by MrMazz

why not there already casting anything that isnt even in the first class so who cares at this point at least it might bring more girls to the movie theaters 

Posted by Thunderscream

i DON'T want him in this movie.....but if he had to be, i'd rather he portray Thunderbird

Posted by Comiclove5

Buy Why? Why is sony trying to make this movie suck so hard, that's it I'm protesting this movie.
Posted by Mr.Hulk_Smashin'!

Maybe Colossus

Posted by excalibur5150

I am so over this movie.
Posted by Silver Knight75

I'm officially concerned for this film

Posted by BaronVonDredd

Gag. Vomit. Convulse. Blow Chunks.

Posted by grimm

He's hot so I am all for it.  Plus it would automatically make it a successful movie because every girl would see it.

Posted by CrimsonComedian
@BaronVonDredd:  Wow, I'm surprised you didn't keel over...
But yeah, I think he'd suit Beast a little. You all unfortunately saw his mad jumping skills in Twilight.
Posted by pixelized

He can be my love interest.

Posted by Violet-Eyed Dragon
@GothamBat said:
" Hmmm....maybe a really young Warpath? "
that makes sense.  or his brother. 
Posted by InnerVenom123
@BaronVonDredd said:
" Gag. Vomit. Convulse. Blow Chunks. "
Posted by Doctor!!!!!
Good choice
Posted by Yung ANcient One

i think he should be ICeman... or Sunspot.

Posted by TheMess1428

There were rumors that Taylor Lautner was going to be young Beast but they already have him casted.

Posted by spystreak

Posted by Cherry Bomb

Meagan Good is amazing, she'd finally do Storm justice!

Posted by Shipwreck

Last time I checked wolverine was a little darker than an Irishman. Why is Wolverine in first class any ways?  

Posted by ResurrectionFlan

X-Men: First Class the comic is really fun and simple and great. I am sure the movie will be needlessly convoluted and mediocre.

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