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looks surprisingly good.  still expecting to be disappointed.
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Wow, just wow.

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It actually looks good
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LOOKS DAMN GOOD, better than expected. 
Trust in Singer
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I can not believe that it actually looks good!!!!     

" looks surprisingly good.  still expecting to be disappointed. "
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Yeah, It wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be.

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  That was actually quite good.

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"Actually looks pretty good." (Gonna be a repeated sentence in this thread. :)

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who knows this might actually be good....still going to be pessimistic though and say probably not

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wow I really didn't think they were going to feature the Cuban missile crisis in the film but it looks like its going to be a re imagining of the x-men story. Also is Emma Frost going to be a telepath because it looks like she's going to have the same powers that she did in x men origins.

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I'm still skeptic

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O_O Wow. I have to see it, it looks really good. Havok's powers looks good in the fiilm and Beast looks... beast. xD
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With Vaughn directing and Singer producing, I want to have faith in this. I am also hoping it'll be more of a reboot of sorts.

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I'm calling it now, Magneto is going to steal the show. The scene where he crushed that dudes heart or wrist or whatever he did in the hallway looked sicc.

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Looks great, but the reboot of this franchise was completely unnecessary.  Will be fun to see interaction between Xaiver and Magneto though.

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Looks...Interesting. Little upset that Sir Ian McKellen and Sir Patrick Stewart aren't in it, but both of them are probably too old to be playing young guys. 

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actually looks really good, and its from marvel? I'm shocked!

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@jpjordan said:
" looks surprisingly good.  still expecting to be disappointed. "
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too many random characters...unsignificant characters at that...where are the FIRST CLASS x-men at????
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It looks amazing :D

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not as bad as I thought 
but trailers can be deceptive like that

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Great trailer. I look forward to the first 30-40 minutes of the film. From there on these movies get boring for me. Seeing the Magneto character develop - super. Seeing him lift submarines - snore.

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I am actually kind of looking forward to seeing it now.

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Anyone else love when The White Friggin Queen popped her diamond form? Cause that was pretty awesome.
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Looks pretty cool so far. Though, Emma was in Origins and she was a lot younger than she is portrayed here. Especially if this takes place around the Kennedy Administration.
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It looks good.... I still have low expectations..... I'm expecting another Wolverine Origins debackle....

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looks better than expected
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No Cyclops? WTF

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I thought this was supposed to be a reboot, you cant show footage from the other x-men movies if your trying to reboot the series. 
Either way it looks better than I expected, but I'm still unsure about how the finished product will be.
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Seems to go through a painful secondary mutation!  

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Looks decent, doesn't really have the wow factor I was hoping for but I might see it. It couldn't possibly be a prequel though because Beast is in it and since he was in X3 that would make him well over 70 years old by the events of that movie.

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finally a comic movie that doesn't look like complete and utter hollywood bullshit!
thank you :)

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This looks amazing. I love the classic style.

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Cuban missile crisis really?

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 I't doesn't look utterly terrible which is a plus. I want to see more the trailer is cool and all but LastAirbender had a cool trailer just saying. 
I like the use of the Cuban missile crissi as the teams coming out party thats cool. Anyone know who the guy standing next to Bacon at 1:19 is? I wana see Bacon act and speak    

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please dont suck ass, please dont suck ass, please dont suck ass, please dont be like wolverine origins

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I don't know...I want to like it but....

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Looks much much better than expected. Which isn't really saying a lot, since the original promo pic looked like something from a B-list horror movie. Still iffy about the special effects for Beast, though.

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Ah, an SR-71 blackbird before it becomes the X-Jet. Nice. :D

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Not getting my hopes up. Been burned too many times.

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looks ok hope stroms in it gotta love her
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wow looks better than i thought it would , better than wolverine for sure !!!

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looks good, shaves of some of my worries.

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I thought this movie would suck! And not because its not following the comics to the letter because I dont care about that, I just got a vibe from it that said it was gonna suck but after this traler I have to change my shorts because I ejaculated when Magneta was screwing up that jet/boat

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I haven't been invested in this at all but I will say the trailer doesn't look bad.  However, a good trailer a decent movie does not make.   
And yes, characters out of continuity, but what can we do?
Posted by Dark Cell

How can this be cannon? 
It collides wih X-men origins on 2 things that i can think off
Posted by DukeTogo

Charles Xavier lost his hair in high school, Beast didn't get hairy until 1972, and Magneto was a villain since the X-Men existed in 1963.  I hate that everything gets rewritten and everything I grew up with is now false because they need to sell new books and revise history.