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X-Men: First Class Character Profile: Moira MacTaggert

How will the movie portray this Scottish scientist?

The roster for the upcoming movie X-Men: First Class is a lot of things- but lacking in characters definitely is not one of them. In fact, it feels like the film's producers did their very best to combine new interpretations of characters from previous films such as Mystique and Beast, with a slew of new characters like Havok, Banshee and Moira MacTaggert. While we may not entirely know how Fox plans to translate some of these Marvel characters onto the big screen, there is actually a lot we can tell from the trailers that have been released.

One big question is, how will the movie portray Moira MacTaggert, the Scottish scientist who is often credited (in the comics) for helping to build Charles Xavier's School For Gifted Youngsters?

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The character of Moira MacTaggert will be portrayed by Australian actress Rose Byrne, and it will be interesting to see if Byrne opts for the Scottish accent which X-Men writer Chris Claremont made such a big part of Moira's character starting with her first appearance in X-Men #96 in 1975. While Moira does not directly appear in any of the trailers for X-Men: First Class, she is, in several clips, standing by Charles Xavier's side during his instruction of one of his students. Moira is seen in the image below standing on the left side of Banshee while Charles Xavier tries to teach him how to control his mutant powers. Even though we only get a glimpse of Moira, this scene is incredibly telling.

We recently posted Banshee's character trailer on Comic Vine a couple of weeks ago which opened up with Banshee coming onto Mystique (or, well, he tried to anyway). Later in the very brief clip, we catch a glimpse of Moira helping Charles Xavier standing at Banshee's side. So, why does this matter? Moira's very first appearance in X-Men #96 eventually led to the romantic relationship between Moira and Banshee in later comics. I'm guessing that's not going to happen in the movie. What else won't happen? Moira with a machine gun (or so I hope), which can also be found in her first appearance, and is an image that leads me to beg the question; why would Professor Xavier need an armory in his school? But that's another issue entirely.

While we don't know a whole lot about how she will be portrayed on the big screen, I do hope that Moira will come across as the strong, intelligent women she has sometimes been portrayed in the comics as being, and that she is not solely utilized as a plot device. If I had to guess, it is probably likely that Charles Xavier and Moira MacTaggert will have a romantic relationship in the film; something that did happen in the comics prior to Moira's marriage.

What we may not see? I don't think that the film will delve too deeply into her back-story, examining her mentally, physically and sexually abusive marriage to Joseph MacTaggert as well as the appearance of her son Kevin who was a mutant. I personally think it would be pretty cool to see Moira team up with Beast on some science projects in the film; sort of a tip of the hat to their collaborative search for the cure to the legacy virus. What aspects of Moira's character do you want to see translated onto the big screen? How much do you think they will change her character?

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Posted by TheOlympian

Sadly, Miss MacTaggert is an American CIA agent.  Apparently, her role is more of a "lone woman in the world of men" type of deal.  Hopefully, she's more than meets the eye.  Idk.

Edited by cyberninja

If the movie is true to the comic book then she won't have any impact on the audience. 

Posted by Mr. Dead Pool
@TheOlympian said:
Sadly, Miss MacTaggert is an American CIA agent.  Apparently, her role is more of a "lone woman in the world of men" type of deal.  Hopefully, she's more than meets the eye.  Idk.
WHAT?!??!!?!? NO!!!!! That's it I'm not seeing this!!!
Posted by sesquipedalophobe

If we're lucky, a Scottish actress will play the part. They do American accents so well.

Posted by Kid_Zombie

This movie is looking worse and worse for me. Dont mean to be a hater, but i do not have any high expectations for this. will wait till after i read some of our reviews to go see it or wait for video. After the awful x-men 3 and wolverine, i have lost all intrest in any comicbook movie fox does. Will wait the 30 years for marvel to get the rights back ha ha

Posted by Doctor!!!!!

American!!! Thats not cool!!!! I'll get over it....

Posted by sesquipedalophobe

Frankly, I'm more excited about the video games and toys to be made from all of this. The action sequences on the couch will probably require a lot of button-mashing like God of War.

Posted by Elenatintil

They've confirmed in multiple places that Moira will not have a Scottish accent. 

However, in a recent interview with Caleb Landry Jones (Bandhsee) he revealed that while his romance with Moira isn't directly hinted at in the film, he did try to make sure that he looked at her a little bit differently than everyone else to foreshadow that relationship. I thought that was adorable. You can read more about it here:
Posted by tbpinkfloyd

That wasn't Mystique that Banshee was talking to

Posted by Mercy_

Awww c'mon >_< It's Moira don't get much more Scottish than that. 

Posted by feargalr
@TheOlympian: Is that for sure? I kinda guessed as much based on the magic trick clip that was released
Posted by cattlebattle

Rose Byrne is the most gorgeous woman alive. I just wanted to say that

Posted by Shadow_Thief

I'm really beginning to worry that this film will suffer from the same thing that (in my opinion) seriously plagued both X3 and the Wolverine movie: too many characters shoehorned into the story, not leaving enough time to properly develop any of them. In the promos leading up to X3, much was made of Angel's inclusion, yet in the film itself his character was largely negligible; they could have easily left him out and had little to no impact on the overall story. John Wraith's death at the hands of Sabretooth in the Wolverine film should have been a major moment, but as he'd had about 10 minutes of screen time and maybe a dozen lines up to that point, I didn't feel his death was any more significant than the nameless soldiers that Sabretooth slaughtered in the opening scenes.

Now, if they want to include a character in what basically amounts to a cameo appearance, that's fine (I got a kick out of a non-furry Dr. McCoy giving a television interview in the background of the earlier X-films), but don't build me up to expect that the character is going to be a major feature of the movie.

Posted by Out_of_Space

They need scottish actress.

Posted by BewilderingBeing

Wow.. All they had to do in being accurate was give her an accent and they don't even want to do that..  I swear if I was the director this would be done right!  I am going to eventually stop complaining but it kills me that with so many x-men films created no one ever considered actually being accurate instead of just making crap up..  Im sure she will sound like she is from Jersey or something.  I wouldn't be surprised if they give her powers..  Next thing you know she is flying in the air and everything else
Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus
@TheOlympian said:
Sadly, Miss MacTaggert is an American CIA agent.  Apparently, her role is more of a "lone woman in the world of men" type of deal.  Hopefully, she's more than meets the eye.  Idk.
Just shows you how Fox still continues to make bad decisions with regard to any X-Men flick.  I'll still go see it but I'm just gonna lower my expectations and hopefully be pleasantly surprised.  Still, the last trailer does give me good hope for the flick.
Posted by MrSeaman70

Professor-X is such a playboy. Moira MacTaggert, Lilandra, Amelia, and Gabrielle Haller. I wonder which one of them is his true love ?

Posted by TheOlympian

I'm thinking that maybe Moira not being Scottish isn't a terrible thing.  Idky she isn't, but ultimately I see her sticking to that tableaux that fits the bill for a number of X-Women both human and mutant.  She represents what I call the "X-Archetype" of a strong, dynamic woman.  She paves the way for our Jean Greys and Storms.  I've learned with Singer's films that he seems to try to fit as much everything-X-related character foil onto the barebones of the casted characters.  Call me crazy.  :P  

Posted by Shadow_Thief
@TheOlympian: Sure, why don't they make her a robot from the future, while they're at it?!

Did these Fox dingbats do any research on these characters beyond names and powers?
Posted by TheOlympian
@Shadow_Thief: Not a bad idea.  How about a Nazi ghost or a splinter of someone's personality married to Bolivar Trask?  As long as she has that Scottish accent and nothing more, right?  
Posted by Eyz
@Shadow_Thief said:
@TheOlympian: Sure, why don't they make her a robot from the future, while they're at it?!Did these Fox dingbats do any research on these characters beyond names and powers?
I don't think they've even checked their powers...did you see X-men 3? Psylocke and a dozen others appeared in the movie, with all new set of random powers or mashed up with other characters all-in-one.
Posted by valencourt

Moira MacTaggert as an American CIA agent?

Might as well of introduced an entirely new custom character instead of completely ruining Moira.