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X-Men: Days Of Future Past: Have A Look At Bishop And Colossus

How many mutants are going to be in this movie? All of them. All the mutants.

It looks like Fox is opening up the floodgates of info on X-Men: Days of Future Past at Comic-Con. While we have a couple of days to go before the Hall H panel (which looks like it'll be Saturday afternoon, if I'm reading the schedule correctly), there's already been a reveal of what the new Sentinel head is going to look like, and Fox has followed that up by releasing an image revealing new looks for Magneto, Colossus, and Professor X, along with a first look at the film's version of Bishop, portrayed by Omar Sy.

In other news, it looks like Fox has also set up a tumblr page to collect all of Singer's set pictures that he's been tweeting. Here's a collection of them if you haven't been following the film; you can find the rest at

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Posted by 80sGangInfestedArcades

@Tazz57827 Exactly,Hollywood couldn't even do something simple like get thier blue and gold costumes right,beside's all the other horrible way's they ruined the X-men movie's.

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Posted by Perfect 10

@trevel8182: unfortunately they have just like i knew they would. if they make x-force the team into the team following the adventures of the original x-men cast i might just have to jump onto the fox hate train

Posted by Perfect 10

not feeling the bishop look, cause its his current uncanny x-force demon bear look with the red eyes and all. i guess we cant do the 90s look.... :(. who is the guy next wolverine in the hall? reminds me of beast but beast got mutated at the end of the last film. and wasnt xavier bald at the end of the last film too?

Posted by gor724

@trevel8182 said:

I hope they don't give Kitty's role in Day's of Future Past to Wolverine it's her story not his nor is the Dark Phoenix Saga but that didn't stop them.

To bad thats what they are doing. I know it sucks why does everything have to focus on Wolverine, I mean he's an interesting character but still they should stay truer to the comics. I don't think they should even include the First Class crew. I think they should use the regular X-Men and then send Kitty back from like 2040.

Posted by gor724

@80sganginfestedarcades: ok maybe they screwed up a few things like killing Cyclops, but the first 2 x-men are better than the Avengers. You said Avengers had a great story, but you just have no fucking clue what you are talking about. It was completely plotless. It was family fun, it was made for a kids audience. X-Men doesn't need the popcorn flick, plotless treatment. It doesn't need harmless aliens falling from the sky, it needs the discrimination between human and mutant, and the real world vibe. So yeah the film series wasn't perfect and it didn't stay to it source, it better than what Joss Whedon would have done. Probably th best person to do it is Chris Nolan. I feel like he can make a good X-Men story

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@gor724: It looks like there doing the same thing with Iron Man with the announcement that the creator of Ultron a founding member of the Avengers, the Character who has appeared every time Ultron's appeared and has fantastically messed up Father son relationship, Hank Pym will not be in the Avengers Age of Ultron.

Posted by 80sGangInfestedArcades

@gor724: Your fucking clueless,Avenger's was a great movie much better then any of the X-men movie's,and all the X-men movie's are made for kid's thier not violent beside's 'Origin's'that was a dumb comparision and i don't like Chris nolan's batman serie's he killed off 2face and had Joker wearing make-up he wouldn't get the X-men right either,he doesn't like powered up character's or supernatural kinda character's,I think the guy who produced 'Man Of Steel' should redo the entire X-men franchise from the beginning,he would do a great job.

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Definitely excited. Bryan Singer's X-Men movies still stand head and shoulders above the others, they were tasteful and sensitive but never lost in wit. Last Stand was a moderately enjoyable mess and the Wolverine: Origins movie a flimsy, disappointing waste of Liev Schreiber who was a superb Sabretooth.

First Class restored my faith and I can't wait for the next Wolverine movie which looks promising from the trailers.

Also; I'm female and have *absolutely* no problem with Mystique not wearing clothes. It enhances her otherness, her potency as a character, and she's stunning in both incarnations to boot.

Posted by G_Money_Christmas

@g_money_christmas said:

@ultrastarkiller said:

Where's my girl Halle Berry at?

Storm isn't in this movie.

Is Dane Cook the one playing Colossus? I know it't not, actually, but it looks a helluva lot like him.

I'm happy to see Bishop, Gandalf, and Captain Picard are in this one though

Actually Halle Berry and Storm are in the movie. Check out the wiki or IMDB for the cast. She's there

Oh, don't know how I missed that one. My mistake.

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Mystique is looking SUPAH_FINE

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Posted by gor724

@80sganginfestedarcades: Wait, the X-Men movies are for kids and aren't violent and the Avengers is for adults and is extremely violent. OK then because in X2 there is the mansion scene, yeah that wasn't violent, just someone with lethal claws for weapons going on rage and killing people, so childish, your right. Avengers had Aliens that had weird guns that can't even kill (one shot cap) now thats not childish. And we also saw the Aliens kill how many people? Oh yeah NONE. Also The Avengers plot was so point and click and so strait forward, your the one thats fucking clueless. A 7 year old could of written it for a free writing class. (bring in bad guy, catch bad guy, bad guy escapes, sends in aliens, bring in heroes, one hero can control his powers even though he could before for the sake of the plot, heroes fight, heroes win, the people love the heroes, hooray. And you must be a TRUE avengers/marvel/fanboy if you didn't like the dark knight, everyone loved the dark knight. I came out of Avengers saying its an awesome comic book film (not going to lie it had its awesome moments) I came out of the dark knight saying it was a fantastic film. And Chris Nolan produced Man of Steel so your deep into your own shit there

Posted by gor724
Posted by Onemoreposter

@gor724: Haha, yeah now that you mention it...

She must be mid-morph

Posted by jnw93

Glad to see Bishop


Posted by Jean199999

Looks good, but can Omar Sy speak a word of english?

Posted by ipesdu27

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Posted by AmazingWebHead

Maximoff? MAXIMOFF!?

But, truth be told, I'm starting to lose faith in Marvel films. After "Mandarin", (shudder) the fact that after all these years Fox clearly still has no idea what it's doing with the X-Men, (this will be the 7th X-Men-related film, but only the second to not center around Wolverine... as far as we know) Joss Whedon saying Hank Pym "is not needed" for Ultron, details on Green Goblin's new look for ASM2, (though that's probably the least-impacting one) I just don't know if we should still trust them. It's like after the Avengers, they just stopped trying.

Posted by w0nd

why the hate with the maximoff name? did people not want them in this movie?

Posted by gor724

@80sganginfestedarcades: nobody you know liked the Nolan batman films? I highly doubt that, everybody likes those movies, TDK is one of the greatest movies of all time it has a 96% critic score on rotten tomatoes. You are one clueless fucking retard who is probably 10 years old. Your grammar sucks, all of your points are invalid. Guess what dumb ass, your imaginary friends and your playtime imaginary co workers don't count. Only a masterbating, teen, hard core call of duty player, calls someone a noob. I am clearly overpowering you in this argument shitbrick. So shut the fuck up and go back to playtime.

Posted by Watcherg6
Posted by Oscars94

@80sganginfestedarcades: Beast was a first X-man in that movie... Although I liked First Class, you're right Hollywood are changing too many things. Even though its an interpretation.