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X-Men: Days Of Future Past: Have A Look At Bishop And Colossus

How many mutants are going to be in this movie? All of them. All the mutants.

It looks like Fox is opening up the floodgates of info on X-Men: Days of Future Past at Comic-Con. While we have a couple of days to go before the Hall H panel (which looks like it'll be Saturday afternoon, if I'm reading the schedule correctly), there's already been a reveal of what the new Sentinel head is going to look like, and Fox has followed that up by releasing an image revealing new looks for Magneto, Colossus, and Professor X, along with a first look at the film's version of Bishop, portrayed by Omar Sy.

In other news, it looks like Fox has also set up a tumblr page to collect all of Singer's set pictures that he's been tweeting. Here's a collection of them if you haven't been following the film; you can find the rest at

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Posted by The Average Bear

Dang I am stoked. I'm ready for some extreme Magneto badassery.

Posted by Barkley
Posted by Emperormeister734

I'm liking what I see

Posted by young_beamer

bishop looks awesome

Posted by mattwing87

I can't wait!!!!!!!!

Posted by hyenascar

My god,as a man that follows way too many xmen comics, these pics are kinda filling me with hope. Which terrifies me anytime i get too much hope in the movies, cause it is oftem crushed.

Posted by M-Demon

"I can absorb your mutant powers .... and channel them right back!"

Posted by Denn979

Wolverine is the beast no matter what.

Posted by BR_Havoc

No idea who the actor is who is playing Bishop but he looks awesome! Looks like he came straight out of the comic.

Posted by Mangakid1995

@decept_o: nope Peter Dinklage is playing Bolivar Trask the man behind the Sentinels

@xwraith: I'm prettys sure Bishops eyes glow red when he uses his kinetic energy powers

Posted by V_Scarlotte_Rose

@teerack said:

Bishop looks cool. Kinda annoyed they still don't let Mystique wear clothes :\

I was thinking the same thing. :/

Posted by dreamfall31

I hope this turns out good. The Wolverine looks like it's gonna be as terrible as his Origins movie.

Posted by ssejllenrad

Gonna talk trash about that Singer but then I'm gonna watch this on day one!

Edited by Mega_spidey01

also, jennifer lawrence is lookin pretty hot as mystique in that picture !

Posted by nappystr8

Bishop looks better than I ever could have imagined. The rest are kind of ho-hum, but who cares, because Bishop looks great!

Posted by KEROGA

Patrick Stewart!!!

Edited by CuddlyPlane

Oh my god! Bishop looks so cool!

Posted by novi_homines


Posted by Jackmaa

I never thought of seeing Omar Sy (French comedian actor) in an X-Men movie when I heard the news, I was like "Meh!", after hearing he will be Bishop, it's shifted to "Why not?". But now seeing him like this is OMAGAD I need this movie to come out right now, and be so awesome.

And for the rest of the cast we have as much Awesomeness (finding back Sir Ian McKellen, and Sir Patrick Stewart)

And Colossus looks like Okay to my eyes.

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Ehhhhh...I'm really not wild about that Bishop look. The red eyes...I'm sorry its just too Twilight for me. And I'm looking at all these images, and sadly, I'm hoping more and more that this isn't a failure. It really does seem Singer is trying to outdo himself and top everybody off. Its seeming like a largely ensemble cast now and...urgh I just hope I'm not disappointed next year is all I'm saying.

Posted by 80sGangInfestedArcades

@barkley: Because this is a public Comic forum (the best at that)where anyone can post and since the topic is about the next upcoming X-men movie I thought i would voice my opinion about my all-time fav Marvel Hero's group and why I am upset about the entire movie franchise hopefully that help's answer your question.

Posted by Jaydarocknrolla

omar sy! the intouchables was incredible.glad to see him in an american movie.

Posted by flazam

Bishop looks strange

Posted by ripcurl

Any1 else as bummed as I am to see "Maximoff" on that mailbox???

Wanda and Quicksilver SHOULD be considered Avengers characters, and SHOULD be a part of the Marvel Studios movies, not this crap from Fox.


Posted by PowerHerc

Everything looks good.

Edited by Rabbitearsblog

Wow! I'm loving the pic of both Colossus and Bishop! It's great that Bishop is finally in an X-Men film!

Posted by redhood21


Posted by alexh4

I hate the entire X-men series Hollywood ruined it,X-men didn't have thier unique costumes like how most x-men wear blue and gold outfits,Hollywood gave them all random skin tight black body suits or civilian clothes,they killed Cyclops and Jean Grey,half the X-men didn't even appear or got put on the wrong side like how Psylocke was with Magneto and the brotherhood of mutant's instead of being X-men's cool female ninja,Rogue was useless and didn't have her real power's etc so much was wrong with the X-men series and also X-men's 1st class was a lie not a single character in the movie was 1st generation X-men,Havok is Cyclops little brother he was like 3rd generation X-men because the real first class X-men are Cyclops,Jean Grey,Iceman,Beast,Archangel original 5 then Havok,Polaris,Banshee,Cannonball,Colossus,Nightcrawler,Wolverine,Forge,Gambit,Rogue,Psylocke,Storm,Bishop,Warpath etc all came next generation,I was highly upset about how hollywood just took the X-men name and completely ruined and lied about them in all thier movies,this 6th installment is just gonna be another dissapointment for me too bad whoever directed the Avenger's movie didn't do the X-men movie because he got thier costumes all right,it was a great story and he didn't randomly kill off any of the Avengers,I already know something stupid like half the X-men are gonna die and the other half are gonna be on Magneto's brotherhood of mutants something stupid Hollywood is gonna ruin it once again with thier randomness.

Okay, two words of advice. When going on a rant, try to use correct punctuation. I see plenty of commas thrown throughout, but very little in the way of periods. Just one very large, ranty sentence that is quite difficult to read. Second, from the way it sounds, even though you know this movie is going to be a disappointment to you, you still plan to see it. Don't. Why waste your money on something that is going to piss you off in the end? And if you have no plans on seeing it...then why go through all the trouble of posting this rant, other than to whine and complain?

Me, I like the look of this movie, so far. I've always been a fan of Bishop (until he went all dark and evil) so seeing him in the movie is going to be awesome for me. Can't wait to see how it ends up...

Edited by G_Money_Christmas

Where's my girl Halle Berry at?

Storm isn't in this movie.

Is Dane Cook the one playing Colossus? I know it't not, actually, but it looks a helluva lot like him.

I'm happy to see Bishop, Gandalf, and Captain Picard are in this one though

Edited by GothamRed

anyone know who peter dinklage is playing yet?

Posted by fodigg

Bishop looks great. I'm not someone who needs the actor to match the look of the source character—getting the "tone" of the character right is far more important, and even then a clever twist can successfully redefine a character—but damn, I haven't been this impressed with matching the look of an actor to the look of the character since Hugh Jackman as Wolverine.

Posted by greenlucario

As long as Colossus is portrayed better this time, and has more than three words, I'll be happy, otherwise they should have left him out.

Posted by Migz13

This is basically Fox's 'Avengers'.

A definite X-Men All-Stars!

Posted by ShazamCM

I think its gonna be great!

Posted by TheDarkPacman

@dbatdog: AGREED. Nailed it with Angstrom Levy. This "Bishop" everyone is excited about looks high. I would've preferred a bald version.

Posted by Charlemagne


Posted by biggkeem89

@ultrastarkiller said:

Where's my girl Halle Berry at?

Storm isn't in this movie.

Is Dane Cook the one playing Colossus? I know it't not, actually, but it looks a helluva lot like him.

I'm happy to see Bishop, Gandalf, and Captain Picard are in this one though

Actually Halle Berry and Storm are in the movie. Check out the wiki or IMDB for the cast. She's there

Posted by Barkley


it just seem like you are trolling...that's just my opinion when people make comment on subjects they say they don't care about

Posted by laabitres

bishop looks badass and MAXIMOFF!!! OMG cannot wait

Posted by 80sGangInfestedArcades

@Barkley=Alexh4 Obviously the same weirdo and dude u can be butthurt all u want about my comment but this movie is still gonna suck,and your the troll coming on here like a big crybaby on your other account's,kinda pathetic really.

Edited by Barkley
Posted by tg1982

@ripcurl said:

Any1 else as bummed as I am to see "Maximoff" on that mailbox???

Wanda and Quicksilver SHOULD be considered Avengers characters, and SHOULD be a part of the Marvel Studios movies, not this crap from Fox.


I noticed that too. Kind of seems childish to me.

Edited by tg1982

Everything looks good.

Except their use of Quicksilver, after Whedon said he planned on using him and Scarlet Witch. But, yeah, I'm still going to see this movie.

Edited by 80sGangInfestedArcades

@barkley/alexh4: Your the creep doing creepy stuff coming on your 2 different accounts to agree with yourself,your obviously bi-polar and your alway's just gonna be a pathetic,weird and depressed noob Lol

Posted by Barkley

what are you talking about? I don't have 2 name is Jason alan barkley I have facebook account and twitter account and a profile here on comic vine I have had one for years that's it......the fact that you are looking me up telling me things that aren't true like some kind of cia agent is creepy leave me alone I could care less if you don't like the x-men each is own please go your own way....creepy....even more creepy than before

Edited by majola25

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Edited by TAZZ57827

i hope this movie is as good as first class even tho the characters timelines and orgins are messed up at less most of them yes! theirs flaws like any other movies out there plus i feel like the characters are gonna wear genetic black costumes i'm feeling the blue and yellow man!!! they let superman wear blue&red as well for spiderman and the movie kickass had colorful costumes & comicbook type action with some type of live action realism i love x-men 1 & 2 it was a stepping stone for comic movies /superhero team ups & had great action & nightcrawler as for x-men 3 i loved it for the wrong reasons morlocks,juggernaut,beast,and

Phoenix!!! BUT YEAH!!! CAN'T WAIT

FOR X-Men: Days Of Future Past!!!!

Posted by 80sGangInfestedArcades

@barkley/alex4h: Leave you alone? your the one being disrespectful first,if you don't like other's opinions on here then feel free to discontinue using this website,and don't ever try to act like you speak for everyone on here,speak for yourself freak because your opinion means nothing to me,and u seem like u have some serious emotional damage,perhap's u were abused as a child growing up? anyway,whatever the case go look for someone else to argue with you weird,creepy noob.

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