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X-MEN 4 Directed by Mark Millar?!

The Mad Scotsman claims he had the opportunity...

 Picture Hugh Jackman doing this.

When Bryan Singer stands out of the director’s chair and opts to produce instead, who you gonna call? Mark Millar -- or so it would seem. By way of Bleeding Cool, here’s a post he made on the Millarworld messageboard asserting that Fox approached him for an X-MEN 4 dance and he gave them the cold shoulder. I’ll have to agree with Rich Johnston and call baloney here, given Millar's history of using hoaxes to create buzz for his own work. Just last week, h e posted a doctored photo of a non-existent NEMESIS billboard and claimed it was real. It was so effective, some posters still believed it was real even after we said it was a hoax.

As much buzz as there is behind KICK-ASS and Millar’s properties, in general, I really doubt Fox would offer a $200 million project to a first time director, no matter how good his literary credentials are. Sure, Frank Miller got to direct THE SPIRIT, which had a big chunk of change behind it, but that was only after SIN CITY the movie was such a runaway smash. Warner Bros. even had the Wachowski Brothers (former comics writers, themselves) direct the low-budget thriller BOUND basically as a test to see if they could handle directing a movie before they let them make THE MATRIX. Fox might go to Millar after his S cottish superhero movie comes out, but I doubt they would before.  I’d really expect them to go Matthew Vaughn, actually, seeing as how they already had him involved in making X3 at one point.

 And this didn't play out that well.

So why put this out there? I think Millar’s wants to draw some attention to the broader scheme of his Millarworld creator-owned comics - - that is, that he’s creating the next generation of superheroes. Readers who pick up NEMESIS or this unnamed superhero book with Leinil Francis Yu are going to get an unpredictable story that’s exactly how Millar wants it to be. He wanted to do it so bad, he even turned down a chance to direct a huge franchise movie. You see what I’m saying?

Anyway, the full post is below. Dissect it through your own lens. I suppose it’d be a good discussion to speculate on what a Millar-directed X-MEN movie would look like. Do you suppose it’d resemble his outrageous ULTIMATE X-MEN run?

Fox just offered me X-Men 4… but I turned it down.

Why? I love the X-Men movies. The exec at Fox also seemed like a really smart guy who knows exactly what worked and didn’t work about the earlier trilogy. He has an abiding love for the comics and knew my work better than I did. I have no doubt he’s going to put together an amazing movie here because the people he’s talking about behind the camera are all friends and heroes of mine. He also offered me massive scope with the story and I have an idea I really like, something that takes the franchise in a really fresh direction.

But you know what?

I’m having so much fun creating my own characters and enjoying the control this gives you over the comic-books and the movies that handling an established franchise eems odd to me now. It’s tempting, SO tempting for a guy who’s been a fanboy as long as he can remember, but I need to stick to my guns. I want to create the NEXT generation of superheroes over the next few years and going back would, I think, be a mistake.

Vaughn is being offered everything you can imagine too in the wake of Kick-Ass, but we both agreed that keeping complete control is what made Kick-Ass such an amazing experience for both of us. Six big producers have now come forward for Nemesis (I’ve always said I’m holding off until April 17th before I let CAA take this out) and Vaughn and I already have our next movie planned out, based on a book I’m doing with Leinil Francis Yu in September.

But it’s still the friggin’ X-Men, guys. Have I gone mad? Was it nuts to turn this down?

-- Tom Pinchuk is the writer of UNIMAGINABLE for Arcana Comics and HYBRID BASTARDS! for Archaia.   Watch out for the HYBRID BASTARDS! hardcover collection this March - - available for pre-order now on

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ape-$h1t nuts

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No way.  I'm glad he's sticking to his guns.  He's been talking about how much he loves doing creator-owned material for a few years now.  I do believe at one point in time he was talking to WB about doing a Superman film, or at least writing it.  And even then he said that he wouldn't because he loves doing creator-owned stuff.  Turning down X-MEN 4 was a wise move by Millar. 
However, I think Marvel is realizing that you need to have someone that writes Marvel comics envolved in putting together a Marvel hero film.  The new Spidey might be good, but it's not going to be jumping off the pages of "Kraven's Last Hunt" or whatever.   
You want X-MEN 4 to work, hire CHRIS CLAREMONT to help produce.  It'll be nothing but big dumb fights, action non-stop much like a majority of Uncanny from 94-280.  He basically molded the X-Men we know today.  Every writer takes something from what they grew up reading.  That's what a new X-Men movie needs. 
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Well, he didn't really say in what capacity he was offered X-Men 4.  In his post, he seems to be talking mostly about story ideas, so it sounds like they wanted him to contribute to the writing of it.  Just saying.  I don't much care for Millar anyway.

Posted by Bruce Vain

Yea this would never happened so I call B.S. on this one.
Posted by MemnochZERO

Get Matthew Vaughn back for a new trilogy. Leading up to X3 my excitement level went from like, 20 to 100 once he came on board and started talking about what he thought of the whole project and what he wanted to do with it... then he bailed and we got stuck with Ratner. So yeah i'd love to see him craft a New X-men trilogy. Also, let Claremont stay at home and bring Grant Morrison in to help produce and co-write the script.
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You see Mark Millar actually has talent and Frank Miller's time has past.

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Really? wow>.
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Mark couldve saved the franchise...

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O.K., Millar has managed to create buzz and garner attention, but when you start telling flat out lies that involve material dear and true  to a lot of fans' hearts (not necessarily mine), it's time to step on the brakes, Speed Racer.  (aimed at Millar)
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YEAH.... I was offered the chance to produce Superman, but turned it down.... sheesh

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All i know is that we better get a good movie. And no X-3 Sh!t
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I call BS.
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I relly don't feel like reading this article so message me and tell me what's up.

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I really think marvel writers can make a good director out of themselves.

Posted by Dane
@rbysjti said:
" I really think marvel writers can make a good director out of themselves. "
Probably because being unable to see the distinction between a comic-book writer and a movie director is one of your many flaws.
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OK i'm all with this i wanna see another X-Men even though the Last one sucked I'm not paying for the film production (unless i see it) so they can do it. I'll probably end up seeing it anyway.