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Woo Hoo! Fox Renews Simpsons For 2 More Seasons!

It'll be anything but craptacular.

I looooove the Simpsons.  I've never stopped.  I hear some people commenting on how it's lost some of its steam. For a while I think I kept hearing that the show peaked at its eighth season.  Just crazy talk.  It may not be a laugh a minute but the show has continued to make me laugh over the years.  The episodes (just like Futurama, another fav. of mine) actually have stories to them.  They do not rely on simple gimmicks after gimmick to try to get a chuckle out of its audience.  Plots may run from a satire of a current event to the absurd.

According to Variety, Fox has picked up the show for the next two seasons.  This will take the show to its 22nd season and make it television's longest running primtime show.  With two more 22 episode seasons, the total number of episodes will be 493.  Good times indeed.

So say it with me:

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Posted by King Saturn
Oh Wow... Thats Awesome  !

Long Live The Simpsons  !
Posted by Deo Wade

I'm a long time fan (since I was like 6) of The Simpsons, but they've been beating a dead horse for about 5 years now.

Posted by Acheron

I love me some Simpsons, and while it hasn't been as good for a while (IMO, after season 15 or 16 stuff started going downhill), so I'm happy.

I want to see the show hit 500 episodes. That'll be madness.

Posted by zero edge

The newest episode in HD was the first new episode I watched completely. I'll definitely watch it some more if it stays in HD.

Posted by Decept-O

This show is still on?

Posted by G'bandit


Posted by Media_Master