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WonderCon 2011 Cosplay Gallery!

Tell us which ones were your favorites in the comments.

Another year, another fantastic WonderCon! Tony and Sara have been busy the whole weekend hosting comic panels, shooting video, and interviewing your favorite comic creators. While you wait for that content to get posted, enjoy our gallery of cosplayers who made an appearance on the convention floor.

Tell us your favorites, and see if you can name them all! I'll get you started: the above pic is of reverse-gender Justice League.
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Posted by Hi I'm New

I ask this out of actual curiosity and not to be rude or anything but are some of the cosplayers dressed as females guys?

Posted by ImperiousRix
@coldbrand said:
" Must...have...Doctor Girlfriend. "
Posted by HaloKing343

Since when are nerds attractive? ... and since when are there female nerds?
Posted by J1ml33
@ShirEPanjshir:  I wonder why this black widow looks so familiar ? ( like I have seen her some where before ?)
Posted by J1ml33
@doordoor123:  hey that is Ninki Hunter ( no wonder I know I have seen that face before ) very nice ^_^ 
Edited by doordoor123
@J1ml33:  lol youre asking me, as if i know her name. HAHA!
look it up. i dunno.  
Posted by Hadez

most of those are awesome and the Wolva Fett is pretty cool concept idea.

Posted by aussiebushwacker

ms marvel and jean grey ultimate class!
Posted by nick_verissimo

Loved the E. Honda and Axe Cop! 

Posted by jagenheim

Batwoman, but that's probably more of a fetish than good cosplay... 

Posted by sora_thekey
@aztek the lost said:
" okay in the Reverse Gender Justice League, who's the topless guy? I can't think of any female who has that costume "
@DarcStorm said:
" @aztek the lost:  If that's reverse gender...then why is Flash still a boy? "
He was not part of the original group. The female Flash was somewhere else during that pic.
Posted by ryu4life
@DMC: @DMC said:

" @ryu4life said:

" I see Yaya made it to WonderCon :) 

so who is she suppose to be anyway? "
 She attends most Cons and designs all her outfits. She has a website showing all her cosplay outfits
Posted by Nasar7

CoD ghillie suit >>>>> everyone else

Posted by DeadlyVenom28

Wow looks like it was a blast, wish I could of been there
Posted by KenTheProfile

   Great just wonderful as always. Got to say Blackwidow is best. 

Posted by Aiden Cross

Pretty good cosplay! Really like the Joker one.

Posted by Loki9876

there are too much cool ones.
to say

Posted by Luke Danes
She´s cute!!! :)
Posted by Journey Into Chaos

lots of good ones here. but i haven`t decided which ones i like best.
Posted by Sauson
@Luke Danes said:
She´s cute!!! :) "
This is my favorite. Super cute
Posted by pikahyper

lol Kent & Vyxsin, wasn't expecting them :P

Posted by Mr.Hulk_Smashin'!

That warmachine costume is BEAST

Edited by the_purgatory_station

Zatanna.  Plastic Woman.
they're all really good though.  good job on the photos Norm.
EDIT: 1st 1(blonde in burgundy armor)  was really good too.

random blabbings:
liked the Sucker Punch of the 2 ladies.  didn't realize it was Sucker Punch until later and thought why does that movie continue to haunt me.  good costumes irregardless.
i remember Vinny saying there were ringers that go to these things.  i didn't know it was real until the comments.  thx for the knowledge commenters
pic of Sara looks like she was cosplaying as The Scout

Posted by J1ml33
@doordoor123:  I knew it ,I  i knew it ,  it is Nikki Hunter ( Now I am sounding like Carl from Aqua Teen Hunger Force )
it`s a wonder that a person did not show up at the con dressed up as this guy here (it would be a treat )
Posted by Decept-O

Man oh man, some incredible costumes on display.  Very very impressive!  Thanks for sharing all these, really is a lot of fun to see all these fantastic costumes.  ( and gorgeous women--there I said it).
Posted by Icarusflies

A Chainsaw Vigilante cosplayer!!!

Posted by csl316

Cool Hellboy.

Posted by SoA

the atom eve costume is my fave just bc someone knows who atom eve is 

Posted by UnosInfinitos

Who the heck invited the furry?

Posted by superboyrocks13
@AMP - Seeker of Lost Knowledge:
dude ur CRAZY lol nice pictures :D
Posted by JonesDeini
Indeed, mi amigo, indeed. I'm partial to the X-23 myself. 
Posted by Wattup

The ComicVine people should have dressed up.

Posted by Deadcool

Bub Fett, I like that...

Posted by Darth Coleslaw
@nasar7 said:
" CoD ghillie suit >>>>> everyone else "
I could be wrong, but I think he's supposed to be "The End" from Metal Gear Solid 3.
Posted by IrishX

Both the Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes costumes are good. Not sure what to think of Boba Wolverine.

Posted by Nasar7
@Darth Coleslaw said:

" @nasar7 said:

" CoD ghillie suit >>>>> everyone else "
I could be wrong, but I think he's supposed to be "The End" from Metal Gear Solid 3. "
hmm I don't think so bc he's not old/fat/bald/beard enough.    
Posted by J1ml33

but then again at least robin ( the girl wonder was nice ) I was kinda expecting a Holy Cosplay Batman ,Elvis was actually the King of the Sith after all!  :D 
 too Bad there was no Big Daddy in sight at this thing (it would have really complimented hit girl a lot -_- but what can I say ( I only wish I Was there )  at least Nikki Hunter was there ( it just brings a smile to my face ) but it would have been better if Sasha Grey had been there too -_- but next time kid , next time ...


the golden age ( well at least the earth 2 version ) and let`s just hope that she is not Jason Todd`s female counterpart . Teen Titans Go!
Posted by ArtisticNeedham
I like this one because someone actually knows about Chainsaw Vigilante, from the Tick!  Awesome.
 Lots of good costumes though, pretty cool.  Great jobs making them.
Posted by Radread

 The Zatanna's look great.

Posted by realsilverjunk

I like that War Machine! lol at the sucker punch cosplay! 

Edited by Cats

 She wins, that is all
Posted by Cats

I also thought the troll face was nice, along with f yeah guy.

Posted by Kairan1979

My favorite is Zatanna. She is just incredibly hot!

Posted by Om1kron

The funny thing about San Francisco is...  
There doesn't need to be a comic book convention for people to be running around San Francisco dressed like this.  
I was up there for a car show back in February and there were people running around San Fran like this. 

Posted by Spideycap

the first Starkiller one is sick. And also the emale batman
Posted by gonman

I think i like Artemis the best.

Posted by AetherMaster

That is a really great collection of costumes.

The only ones I didn't care for were the Team Fortress 2 cosplay. It's been done so many times over the past few years to the point of exhaustion.

Wow, most of these costumes are really great.  
The Klingons are my favorite!
Posted by CrimsonAvenger

Mina Harker and Dorian Gray?

Posted by Chibi-Iroh

That Zatanna cosplay is extremely boner inducing.