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WonderCon 2010 Video Footage

Here comes the interviews and fun.

As you may have heard, WonderCon took place this past weekend in San Francisco. We had a lot of fun and talked to a lot of people, new friends and old. One of the highlights for me was meeting actual Comic Vine users. It was great having people come up to us telling us how much they love the site. We also have a lot of video footage to share with you.  
To make things easier, I will be using this post to help guide you to all the fun videos we did once they are loaded onto the site. That way you won't have to search all over the place for them.
Sit back, grab a snack (it could be a healthy one or not, your choice) and enjoy the show. Wish you all could have joined us.  
Ana's Cosplay picture galleries.


WonderCon intro and floor footage.
Interview with Geoff Johns (Blackest Night, Brightest Day).
Interview with J.T. Krul (The Rise Of Arsenal, Green Arrow, Soulfire).
Interview with Jaime King (voice of Aurra Sing, Sin City, The Spirit).
Amanda Conner & Jimmy Palmiotti ( Power Girl , upcoming secret creator-owned comic)
Interview with Darwyn Cooke (Jonah Hex, Richard Stark's Parker). 
Interview with Greg Rucka (Stumptown, Batwoman: Detective Comics 
Interview with Ethan Van Sciver (Flash: Rebirth, Green Lantern: Rebirth, upcoming event book with Gail Simone)
Interview with Frank Cho
Interview with Jimmy Palmiotti ( Jonah Hex, Random Acts Of Violence, Time Bomb )
Judd Winick ( Red Hood: The Lost Days, Justice League: Generation Lost ).
Gail Simone (Wonder Woman, Secret Six, Birds of Prey)
Darick Robertson (Conan, Transmetropolitan, The Boys
David Finch (Brightest Day, Second Coming).
James Robinson (Justice League of America, Superman).  
Thomas Wilson (Creative Director: Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions video game)
Dave Filoni (Supervising Director: Star Wars: The Clone Wars)
Daniel Logan (Young Boba Fett, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Episode II: Attack Of The Clones).

Stay tuned for more...
Posted by Tyler Starke

So is WonderCon mostly a DC event? I didn't see many marvel guys out there.

Posted by G-Man
@Tyler Starke: DC had a booth. Marvel didn't.
Posted by FoxxFireArt

I tried following some of the live Ustream stuff, but was always late. I watched some of the clips, but the whole video of the drive there was pretty dull.

Posted by Lustwish

Im a DC lover and would have loved to have gone.  But with work and SanFran being a little out of range, I could not attend.  I will be attending Cherry Capital Con in Traverse City, MI just as I did last year.  This will be year 2 and it is stacked with loads of stuff. 

Posted by sora_thekey
@G-Man said:
" @Tyler Starke: DC had a booth. Marvel didn't. "

When the Marvel panels occured the question of why Marvel wasn't more involved in Wonder Con arrose... The only answer that was given was that unless more people demanded that Marvel should be there they would be involved... 
I was dissapointed at the fact that they weren't there!
Posted by MichaeltheFly

Watched them all can't wait for more videos from Wondercon even though there was no Marvel there.

Posted by Comiclove5
@G-Man said:
" @Tyler Starke: DC had a booth. Marvel didn't. "

Marvel never has a booth. They didn't have one at the baltimore comic con either.
Posted by DevilmanEX
@Comiclove5 said:
" @G-Man said:
" @Tyler Starke: DC had a booth. Marvel didn't. "
Marvel never has a booth. They didn't have one at the baltimore comic con either. "
Is that because Marvel HQ is in Manhatta?
Posted by G-Man

The list in the original post has been updated. We still have more videos to come.

Posted by Comiclove5
That is only a four our drive from B-more to NY.
Posted by danielddavis

And yet everyone loves Marvel more.